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Forum Staff Specific Job Descriptions

Card of The Day Editor

Post the Card of The Day (CoTD) on a daily basis, if not more often. Choose cards that satisfy both collectors and players alike.

Make sure that members commenting in the CoTD forum are following the rules set forth in that forum.
Ability to learn the system for posting the CoTD topics.

Ability to use Moderation system and features for the good of the forum, keep conversations on topic and give Friendly Warnings / Infractions as needed.

Front Page News Editor

Gather information from outside sources, bring them back here and post them in the appropriate forum on the pokegym, report them as newsworthy threads.
Frequently spending time on the gym is a must. Be able to recognize news material that would be interesting to the Pokegym public. Be able to follow instructions on how to submit news articles, and be able to describe the appeal to them.

Front Page Article Editor

Review all articles submitted in the Featured Articles and News Submissions area. Check articles for spelling, grammar and content. Work with the Article Writer to get the Articles up to standards.

The desire to publish the best quality articles on the front page, while working to improve future articles submitted.
Good spelling, grammar and writing skills. Ability to work with other members in polishing articles. Tact in constructive criticism.

Experience in writing good articles in the past.

Professor Group Leader

You will respond to PMs notifying you that a person has applied for the professor logo.

You will check the applicants profile to make sure the have filled in the Prof Test date correctly.

You will check their application reason for correct info.

You will check either the TPCi Forums for PM's from applicants showing the status there OR check your email account for any Screen Shots of their Professor Page. This will hopefully be changed in the future to make things easier for applicants and the PGLs.

If anyone is missing their info or isn't a prof, mark the request DENY - they will automatically get a PM referring them to the requirements. If they are good-to-go, mark them ACCEPT - they will be notified automatically.

Logo update is currently a manual "maintenance" process, so respond "Be patient" to any inquiries about "When will my logo appear."

You will also get PMs from little kids who want to join the group; let the know what a Professor is, and help them find other ways to enjoy the PokéGym.
You're a professor, have a Pokémon Trainer account where you know the password, have access to the TPCi Forums, and an email account that you check regularly.
You're on the board a lot and willing to take the 120 seconds needed to fill these requests before you do what you came to do on the 'Gym.
Special Administrator Specific Job Descriptions

Member Services Administrator

In this position, you will be assisting both new and existing members with account issues ranging from User Name changes to Registration issues. You will also be one of the starting points of contact with regards to the 'Contact Us' feature of the site.

You must be able to deal with all situations in a professional manner at all times, as you are one of the more recognizable Staff positions on the Team.

You will not have any Moderator duties, but are expected to use the same enforcement guidelines, tools and common sense in dealing with posts or members that are in violation of the Rules of the PokeGym.

You need to have a good understanding of The Rules of the PokeGym and their enforcement; have a good understanding of the vBulletin Software or at the very least a desire to learn and the ability to sense when to ask questions to avoid major destruction by experimenting; be able to adapt to new tasks and problems on the fly; be able to be both an advocate for the members to the rest of the Staff and be able to present the thoughts and opinions of the PokeGym to the members well.
Gallery Administrator

In this position, you will lead and participate in discussions about changes to structure and new services in the gallery.

As the gallery administrator you are the lead person propose new galleries and otherwise assist with maintenance of the PokeGym Gallery, including proactively creating galleries for new sets and new event series.

  1. New galleries under the PokeGym Images section are NOT set to retain original images.
  2. New galleries under the Compendium Images section ARE set to retain original images.
As one of the leads in this area, you will also be frequently checking for uploaded Gallery submissions and moderating them as follows:

  1. Check for PokeGym suitable content, as far as: 1) PG or better subject matter and 2) clearly Pokemon-related content.
  2. Make sure that the submissions go in the appropriate gallery and follow the appropriate naming conventions (if any) or prohibitions (such as not entering metadata on card scans).
You will not have any Moderator duties in this role, but as a member of senior staff are expected to use the same enforcement guidelines, tools and common sense in enforcing The Rules with regard to posts or members that are in violation of the Rules of the PokeGym, particularly in regards to posts in the Gallery.

You need to have a good understanding of the mission of the PokeGym, The Rules of the PokeGym and their enforcement; have a strong interest in the Gallery; have a good eye for photos and the ability to see details therein; have a good understanding of the Photopost vBGallery Software or at the very least a desire to learn and the ability to sense when to ask questions to avoid major destruction by experimenting to find answers.

Technical Administrator

A technical administrator assists with the system administration and programming on the Gym. While you are a member of the moderator staff and can enforce the rules globally, this is not your purpose in staffing. Rather, you are responsible for actually implementing innovation and doing maintenance. Idea men are a dime a dozen but someone who rolls up the sleeves and does something is to be highly honored.

  • Maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the 'Gym's information, through being careful and through having the highest personal integrity.
  • Create and maintain systems for the Gym.
  • Think beyond your tenue at the Gym; YOU maybe be able to do this, but is it done in such a way that others can understand and maintain/extend it after you are gone. In other words - documentation.

  1. Strong technical understanding.
  2. Impeccable sense of when to ask questions and consult others before proceding when you are in unfamiliar or risky territory.
  3. Joy of creating something _for the Gym_ first and to show your talent, second.
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