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Here you will find links to translations from the Japanese sets done by PokéGym members:

Diamond and Pearl 4
Moon Hunting and Night Dashing, the two sets that comprise the fourth set in the Diamond and Pearl block by:
Secret Wonders
Originally known as Shining Darkness, the third set in the Diamond and Pearl block by:
Mysterious Treasures
Originally known as Mystery of the Lake, the second set in the Diamond and Pearl block by:
Diamond and Pearl
The revolutionary first set of the Diamond and Pearl series by:
ex Dragon Frontiers
Originally know as The Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense by:
ex Crystal Guardians
Originally know as Miracle Crystal by:
ex Holon Phantoms
Originally know as The Illusion of Holon by:
ex Legend Maker
Originally know as Forest of Illusion by:
ex Unseen Forces
Originally know as Golden Sky, Silver Sea by:
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