» Staff Teamwork, Review and Reward
Staff Teamwork, Reward and Review

We appreciate your dedication to advancing the purpose of the PokéGym as a member of the Staff and your interest in serving the members. We hope that in the midst of your work on staff, you will also enjoy hanging out online with rest of the PokéGym team.

Staff Recognition and Reward

All PokéGym staff are recognized by title, by welcome posts and by listing on the PokéGym Staff page. All staff members also receive continuous custom avatar privilege (subject to any regular restrictions on content). Staff members who have performed their duties for six months and received a positive review are given copies of any current production promotional items for the PokéGym or current staff rewards. Admins are happy to recommend and even write letters of recommendation for staff members with positive reviews.

The Victory Road is a special staff-only forum where all staff members have access to ask questions, make suggestions, share views and mess around. Each staff member, from Admin to Editor, is responsible for keeping up with the Victory Road posts and to respond to any polls posted there. In general, the camaraderie of the staff is one of the main rewards for our efforts. Please join in and feel part of the group!

Staff Confidentiality

As staff at the PokéGym, there is no requirement for exclusivity. In fact, participation on other sites is encouraged. However, we expect that when you join the PokéGym staff, you are making a commitment to advance the PokéGym's purpose, content and features. If your participation in other teams or sites creates conflict of interest, pressure to disclose confidential matters or interferes with your wholehearted advancement of the PokéGym, please talk with an Admin about the matter. We ask that you anticipate and inform us of any issues before joining the PokeGym staff, so that the PokeGym is not put in an unstable position.

There is a strict requirement to confidentiality of all posts in the Victory Road and subforums and staff chats. Also, staff-related PokéGym correspondence should be kept to the eyes of staff only. All brainstorming, ideas or plans for new site features/upgrades are also not to be discussed outside of the active PokéGym staff. Ban reasons and staff discussion of bans or enforcement pros & cons are considered confidential; refer all inquiries to Team Compendium and the Global Moderators. That said, staff come and go, past experience shows permissions might be inadvertently dropped, so it is wise not totally vent or post anything in the Victory Road that would embarrass you, if it wound up published elsewhere.

Moderators and Reported Posts

The members actually read more than the staff does, by sheer force of numbers. By encouraging members to report posts that violate The Rules we save ourselves work and preserve the atmosphere of the site through quick response to bad posts.

When a member reports a post, two things happen:
  1. The moderators for that forum receive a copy by email.
  2. A copy of the report is posted as a new thread in the "Wrath" forum.
Moderators and Forum Moderators are expected to investigate reported posts from their forums in a timely manner. Moderators and Forum Moderators must keep their email address current and use an address that they monitor; reported posts from their forums will be emailed to all moderators for those forums.

How should you respond to the reported post?
  1. Investigate the report.
  2. Provide a warning or infraction, if there is a rules violation.
  3. If in doubt, reply to the report thread in "Wrath" and ask your specific question of staff and request guidance as needed.
  4. Reply to the reporting member, particularly if the report is confusing or no action will be taken. Help that member make a better report next time.
  5. If no infraction or warning was given, reply to the report thread in "Wrath" and state how the matter was handled.
Your reply to the report thread in the "Wrath" forum also lets the rest of the moderators in your forum or the Global Moderators know that the issue is handled without having to pursue the reported post. If you provide a warning or infraction, there is no need to reply to the report thread in "Wrath" since those actions automatically make a post in that forum. Remember, a reported post is just a starting point. Only give an infraction if you determine an infraction is warranted, not just because someone complained.

Review and Revision of Moderated Actions

Quite often a member will request a review and revision of an infraction or ban that they have received. Management will review the action with the moderator that initiated the action. In most cases the action will be supported, however occasionally the action will be modified or rescinded. This is not meant to be a rebuke of the moderator that took the initial action. There are cases where other circumstances may need to be taken into account. Or it may be that guidance in applying the site rules is needed. In either event, please be open to these occasional revisions.

Staff Review

Staff will be provided with an expected level of activity for their role and asked whether they foresee being able to be that active. There are times when life interferes with the PokéGym. For vacations and special circumstances of short duration, please post about your absence in the Victory Road and arrange a backup for your area. If there are more extensive issues, which cause you to need a break from your staff responsibility, please contact an Admin or post in the Admin Contact forum.

Each staff member can expect a review of their contributions in March and September from the Admins, with comments from related senior staff, as appropriate. Staff activity can be reviewed by peers via the moderator statistics link.
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