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The Rules

Purpose of the PokéGym The PokéGym is hosted by Team Compendium and is intended to provide resources for Pokemon players and collectors as well as a place for members to share information and experiences about the Pokémon Trading Card Game, related games, gameplay, rules and organizing.


Every PokéGym member may come to be considered a contributor by establishing a history of good posts.

Good posts
are contributions to the Pokémon TCG community consisting of:
  • information
  • perspective
  • experiences
  • resources
  • alternative or successful approaches

related to the Pokémon TCG and other Pokémon games.

Special contributions of articles are encouraged and should be posted in the article submission forums. The standards for article format and suggestions for getting your article approved are available in the article submission FAQ.

Regular contributions of unique information are encouraged. You can receive a page or pages to edit, more image quota, and other resources that you use to update your contributions. If you have been contributing unique information and need more resources, please contact the Admins.

Posting Rules

Some posts are not permitted on the PokéGym. Members are responsible to show respect to each other and for the purpose of the PokéGym in each of their posts.

Thank you for not posting:
  1. references to profanity
  2. personal attacks on individuals
  3. apparently just for the sake of arguing
  4. content or links beyond a PG rating
  5. unhelpful, unkind or rude remarks
  6. the same point or request over and over
  7. polls, duplicate topics or personal requests
  8. off-topic remarks, personal info or links to other sites
  9. that your or someone else's opinion or group isn't welcome
  10. too much information about your personal life or experiences
  11. inside jokes, terms or acronyms not understood by the majority
  12. about your annoyance with this list or its enforcement

In addition, please use only one account, do not post in inactive threads or to advertise other sites, follow individual forum posting guidelines, make all public communication in English, and report posts violating The Rules using the report button.

Enforcement of these rules is performed according to the impression each post leaves on the judgment of the PokéGym Moderators. All members should report posts that violate these rules (and may politely remind others of the rules, but without threatening any enforcement). The Rules will primarily be enforced with warnings or infractions, with optional deletes or editing. This leaves the member with a clear reminder of the reason for any enforcement and assures that all staff have a concise view of a member's history. Infraction points assist staff with being consistent and impartial in enforcement of The Rules.

Appeals of infractions and warnings may be made by a polite and well-reasoned post in the Team Compendium contact forum. In nearly all cases, Team Compendium will uphold the staff judgment. Appeals of bans may be made via well-reasoned proposal sent via the comment form. Members are invited to review the pages listing the current infractions and infraction points, staff roles and staff review.

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