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Thread Regulations

There has been a tradition of who won/what won threads on the 'Gym. Some of these threads have been useful in recognizing accomplishments and in mapping the metagame. These have been mighty contributions, welcomed by the members. There have been some lame ones, not worthy of the title 'contribution'.

By these presents be ye advised of the regulations of WW/WW threads henceforth.

  1. What you start you must finish.
  2. Only posts allowed are results: person, event, deck designation.
  3. You will include Jr/Sr/Ma in your summary chart.
  4. No last names for Jr/Sr.
  5. Thou shalt have no other regulations than these!

Only members that have discussed these regs with Tournament & OP forum mods will get a sticky thread.

#1 - Members that start but fail to update between weekends in that series, except for reasons of verified bereavement, major illness or disaster will be roundly castigated, have their screen name go down in infamy and whatever other bad things should happen to such a lame member.
#2 - WW/WW thread posters will support the mods deleting posts of congrats, boasting and lame reports from the thread, as off topic. WW/WW thread posters are allowed to call for results from certain events and members of those events by posting requests for the info; that will not be O/T.
#3 - Yes, you are scoping the meta for your age group, but we include all age groups here, COPPA permitting, so you need to summarize any submitted results, regardless of age group. Do you remember when the 15+ were banned? We didn't think so, but we're here to tell you, we didn't like it. We're not letting the 14- be banned from your thread on this board.
#4 - People are sensitive about names for the youngins. So, don't post their last names. Don't make the mods edit them out.
#5 - No private regulations for these threads; stay on the good side of this tradition.

Be it known that those who succeed excellently at a WW/WW thread are to be widely praised and gain reputation. Those who fail are to live with their reputation for lameness until they do something of good repute to redeem it.

How to start a WW/WW thread:

  1. If there is no WW/WW thread in a series, then post your thread in the Article Submissions forum.
  2. Monitor the submitted thread for questions from any mods/editors and answer timely.
  3. Mods/editors will delete in-thread Q&A, then move the selected thread into place and close those that were not selected.

So it is written - September 2011
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