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DP34 - Drifblim
DP35 - Porygon-Z
DP36 - Gliscor
DP37 - Dialga LvX
DP38 - Giratina LvX
DP39 - Shaymin LvX
DP40 - Regigigas
DP41 - Toxicroak [G]
DP42 - Carnivine [G]
DP43 - Probopass [G]
DP44 - Magnezone
DP45 - Charizard [G] LvX
DP46 - Garchomp [C] LvX
DP47 - Rayquaza [C] LvX
DP48 - Tropical Wind
DP48 - Tropical Wind -...
DP49 - Dialga
DP50 - Arceus
DP51 - Cresselia
DP52 - Darkrai
DP53 - Arceus Lv X
DP54 Porte de departe
DP55 Zone ultime
DP56 - Arceus LvX
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