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0071 Red Card
0072 Shauna
0073 Team Flare Grunt
0074 Double Colorless...
0075 Grass Energy
0076 Fire Energy
0077 Water Energy
0078 Lightning Energy
0079 Psychic Energy
0080 Fighting Energy
0081 Darkness Energy
0082 Metal Energy
0083 Fairy Energy
028a Jolteon EX
073a Team Flare Grunt
Rc01 Chikorita
Rc02 Shroomish
Rc03 Charmander
Rc04 Charmeleon
Rc05 Charizard
Rc06 Flareon EX
Rc07 Snorunt
Rc08 Froslass
Rc09 Raichu
Rc10 Dedenne
Rc11 Wobbuffet
Rc12 Gulpin
Rc13 Jirachi
Rc14 Espurr
Rc15 Meowstic
Rc16 Yveltal
Rc17 Flabebe
Rc18 Floette
Rc19 Swirlix
Rc20 Slurpuff
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