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1997 No. 1 Trainer

Added by smpratte
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  Description for 1997 No. 1 Trainer

Description by smpratte


This is the 1997 No. 1 Trainer. The first trophy card ever made. Only two exist in the entire world, there were only two age divisions for the 1997 official tournament. The cards text is different from the other no 1 trainers.

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  1. #1 Will-iam
    There is speculation and some debate that this is the first and so far only PSA graded '97 pika. Awhile back PSA is believed to have 'messed' up grading a '98 as a '97. If one looks carefully one will see that the '97 doesn't have a number in its text box just below the card's illustration, while the '98 portrays a '1' and the '99 a '2'. As of date of this post I am the card's current owner and the one who submitted it to PSA took me two times and a strict letter to do so.
  2. #2 smpratte
    The first tournamnet report only had two age divisions making only two copies out there. As william said if you look the text is different, and is the shortest out of all the years. Now both No.1 97 trainers are in the USA