Big Dig!

Big Dig
  • Somebody set up us the bomb!

Not really. But, The PokeGym currently looks quite a mess. However, this mess is evidence of a major remodel and the extension of some long needed TLC to this old and historic house. We’re working to move from demolition mode to repairs & expansion to interior decoration ASAP. Meantime, we appreciate your patience and we’ll continue to post verified resources in our links at the right.

Open While Under Construction!

After transition from fixing access to basic things we’ll move to adding new features. One new feature online right now is social media single sign on. If you have an account, you can associate it with your social media account and use that access to sign on seamlessly to The ‘Gym. New accounts can be opened in the same way.

In other news, people ARE out to get you!

The Admins hope you are using a good password over there on your social media account. If you don’t have a password manager to secure, save, create and update your passwords – The ‘Gym recommends We don’t get any money from them, and they won’t get any from you, which makes a great value for an exceptionally usable system with proven solid security.