PokePopCast 15: Prize Card Penalty No More!

Well now! Pokemon has just released the quarterly updates to Organized Play rules and regulations and with no fanfare they introduced a major change to the Penalty Guidelines! Prize Card Penalty and Multi Prize Card Penalty are gone and have been replaced with a new “mechanism”.
Check out the details in the latest PopCast:

And you can also see the new Penalty Guidelines document for your self here: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/tournaments-rules-and-resources/

PokePopCast 14: Judge Seminar 2018 – Q&A

Sorry for the delay in getting the rest of the Judge Seminar edited and posted. It was in very bad shape and it took a lot of work. But I do want to thank Ryan Alperstein for getting some of this on video. He jumped in at the last minute and without him we wouldn’t have anything to work with at all.

Check out the Q&A in the video and let me know if you have any questions that rise from it! I’ll get a new PopCast up soon.

The PokePopCast 13: Judge Seminar – Cheating

This is a special edition of the PokePopCast. Vince Krekeler, the TO of the St. Louis Regionals held in Collinsville IL, sponsored a Judge Seminar along with Pokemon Organized Play. Unfortunately, the streaming of the seminar fell through, but we were able to gain access to some video thanks to Ryan Alperstein (AKA Bullados on the forums). In this first video, we present Vince’s presentation on Cheating and what we can do about it.


Below are the slide presentations for the TCG topics presented:

Cheating In Pokemon Powerpoint Professor Cup 2018

Prof Seminar 2018 Shuffle Sleeves and Marked

Prof Seminar 2018 Slow Playing

The PokePopCast 12: Penalty Guidelines 8.2 Marked Cards (and the TX Regionals Ruling)

In this Episode of the PokePopCast, we KO two Pidgey with one stone.
We go over the next section of the penalty guidelines and take the opportunity to see how they apply to a recent ruling at the TX Regionals that was controversial with players. Discuss in the forums at the link below.

Oh, and I’ll be part of the Judge Seminar that will be held next Friday at the St Louis Regionals. The Judge Seminar will be streamed for those not able to attend in person!! So, if you have a chance, check that out. We’ll post the link to the stream when it becomes available.

In the meanwhile, enjoy:

The PokePopCast 11: Ultra Prism FAQs, rulings, and Cyrus controversy

In this PopCast, I go over the published FAQs, the reasoning behind them, and some of the controversy over Cyrus Prism Star.

I’m starting to get the hang of using this software, so we have card images included.

Update: Pokemon has issued the errata on Cyrus *, and you can find it here: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/errata-for-cyrus-prism-star-in-pokemon-tcg-sun-moon-ultra-prism/

Here you go:



PokePopCast 8: Vince Krekeler on Slow Play


Well, this is an extra special episode of the PokePopCast!
We have an hour long interview with Vince Krekeler, Meganium45 on the Gym.
Vince is a Stage 2 Professor and runs a number of Regionals in the US, including the upcoming St. Louis Regionals in February 2018.
Among the features of that Regionals will be the return to the US of the Professor Seminar AND the Professor Cup!!!!!

If you are a Professor, reserve your spot at the Seminar and if you are Stage 1 or higher, sign up for the Professor Cup so that I can beat you.

Check out the new PopCast here: https://youtu.be/5UmKsRL5YDk

PokePopCast 6: Major Change to “Drawing an Extra Card Penalty” and Other Updates

Pokemon Organized Play has updated all of their tournament documents.  These documents can be found at the Rules and Resources page on the Pokemon website: https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/tournaments-rules-and-resources/

Below is a summary of the significant changes in those documents. We also have an analysis of the most important changes on the latest PokePopCast, focusing on the major change in the penalty for “Drawing an extra card. You can check out the PopCast here: https://youtu.be/uh–USnPcp4

So, what is new and different? Continue reading “PokePopCast 6: Major Change to “Drawing an Extra Card Penalty” and Other Updates”