Pokemon TCG SM: Team Up FAQs

The FAQs for SM: Team Up have been released. They are available on the Pokemon Professor forum, but for those of you that don’t have access, we are posting them here as well. I have attached the pdf version to this article, but they are also posted below.
Enjoy and play safe!

Sun & Moon—Team Up FAQ

Sun & Moon—Team Up – FAQ


== DANCE OF THE ANCIENTS (Tapu Koko {*} – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. If I have Tapu Koko {*} and only one other Pokémon on the bench, can I use “Dance of the Ancients” to put 2 {L} Energy on that one other Benched Pokémon?
A. No, in this case, you can put only one {L} Energy on that Benched Pokémon. The second {L} Energy would have to go onto Tapu Koko {*}, but then gets discarded immediately anyway when Tapu Koko {*} goes to the Lost Zone.

Q. If I only have one {L} Energy in my discard pile, can I use Tapu Koko {*}’s “Dance of the Ancients” Ability to put it on one of my Benched Pokémon?
A. Yes, you would do as much as you can.

== DARK AMBITION (Absol – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. Does the extra Retreat cost placed by Absol’s “Dark Ambition” Ability increase the damage done by Absol’s “Shadow Seeker” attack?
A. Yes it does.

== NINE TEMPTATIONS (Ninetales – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. Can I use Ninetales’ “Nine Temptations” Ability if my opponent has no benched Pokémon?
A. Yes, you can discard 2 {R} Energy cards from your hand, and that’s it.

== ROARING RESOLVE (Charizard – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. If I use Charizard’s “Roaring Resolve” Ability with only 10hp left, does he get KO’d when I place the 2 damage counters before or after I search & attach 2 {R} Energy cards?
A. You must finish all the text of the Ability before checking for knockouts, so yes you would search your deck and attach {R} Energy cards before KO’ing Charizard.


== COPYCAT (Mimikyu – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. When I use Mimikyu’s “Copycat” attack, do I need to have the same required energy as the opponent’s previous attack?
A. No, you only need whatever energy is required on Mimikyu in order to use its Copycat attack. However, if the attack requires you to do something with a particular type of energy you don’t have, you cannot use that part of the copied attack.

== DEVILISH HANDS GX (Hoopa GX – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. When using Hoopa GX’s “Devilish Hands GX” attack, can I keep choosing a Pokémon that would already be Knocked Out by previous choices, or do I have to choose a different Pokémon once I have done enough damage to KO the first one?
A. You make all 6 choices before doing any damage; so if you wish, you can do more damage than you need to a Pokémon in order to knock it out.

== DRAG OFF (Nidoking – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. If my opponent has no benched Pokémon, do I do 50 damage to their active Pokémon when I use Nidoking’s “Drag Off” attack?
A. No. Damage is only done to the “new Active Pokémon”. If there is no switch, then no damage is done.

== HEAD HUNT (Zangoose – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. When I use Zangoose’s “Head Hunt” attack, do I have to put all Pokémon I find into my hand, or can I choose to discard some or all of them?
A. Since you get to choose which Pokémon to reveal, you can choose to discard some or all of them.

== SHADOW SEEKER (Absol – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. Does the extra Retreat cost placed by Absol’s “Dark Ambition” Ability increase the damage done by Absol’s “Shadow Seeker” attack?
A. Yes it does.

== THUNDEROUS ASSAULT (Zapdos – Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. If my opponent Knocks Out my Active Pokémon and I promote my Zapdos to be Active after the attack, do I get the bonus 70 damage for “Thunderous Assault”?
A. No. In this scenario, you promoted the Zapdos while it was still your opponent’s turn. In order to get Thunderous Assault’s additional damage, it would have to become Active during YOUR turn.


== INGO & EMMET (Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. When using Ingo & Emmet, if I choose to draw 5 cards from the bottom or my deck, what happens to the top card that I looked at?
A. You put it back on top before you draw the 5 cards from the bottom.

== JUDGE WHISTLE (Sun & Moon—Team Up)

Q. If I use Judge Whistle and choose to put a “Judge” card from my discard pile into my hand, can I put a “Judge Whistle” into my hand?
A. No, that choice only allows you to put a card named “Judge” into your hand; it does not allow you to get a card “with Judge in its name”.


Q. Can I choose to play Unidentified Fossil as one of my starting Pokémon?
A. No, you cannot. It’s considered a Trainer while in your hand, so it doesn’t count as a Basic Pokémon during setup. (Feb 8, 2018 TPCi Rules Team)

Q. If an opponent KO’s my Unidentified Fossil do they get to take a prize?
A. Yes, that’s part of being treated as if it were a “Basic Pokémon”. Your opponent takes a prize when Unidentified Fossil is knocked out, but not if you discard it from play. (Feb 8, 2018 TPCi Rules Team)

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