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Author Topic: B|_4d3-B3r$3rK3r -MF-
Rocket Feraligatr
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posted April 27, 2002 05:13 AM      Profile for Rocket Feraligatr      Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
hei hei
my new deck akakak

4 kabuto
4 kabutops
3 cleffa
3 eevee(2 nd,1 promo)
2 Umbreon(Holo)
1 pichu(NG)

4 elm
4 focus
4 dbl.gust
4 wrath
4 fossil eggs
2 trash ex(t3ch)
2 narrow gym(te\3ch)
1 time capsule

3 full heal energy
3 recycle energy
7 fighting energy
4 darkness energy

k heres how my deck works
(in other words strat)
kabutops: kill evry living thing
pichu;after evolutions i could use this [Razz]
umbreon:since kabutops screws the active i am gonna screw the bench [Big Grin]
trash ex:since kabutops needs f0ssil egg duntcha fear it all be tails,,,,and if darkness is gone use it >)o.o)>
narrow gym:since i am a bench hitter also make it smaller size and than bash em
[Razz] [Razz] [Razz] [Razz]

Proud member of T-12 troop
current decks:
spurise crush:13-6
spinning & recharging:4-4
Kingdra 666-MF-:9 -0(wuut)
KIngdra 666MMF-not tested
dci no:49531660
BSC stadium challenge:8th seed!
kill all the ferals , luckily now they have MMF
[eTo]- X y g o n i t 3 -[.*.]

From: Shuhoku | Registered: Nov 2001  |  IP: Logged

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posted April 27, 2002 07:59 AM      Profile for ShuckleGod   Email ShuckleGod    Edit/Delete Post Report This Thread to Moderators
you DO realize you only have 7 basics in this deck don't you? The mulligan is going to be EXTREMELY common for you (multiple times) in you opening game. IMO, you should definitely add the Erika/IOR combo cuz you're gonna be giving your opponent a serious advantage in the opening game. Not only that, but every single one of your basics can be FTKed by a tyrogue... 4-4 on the kabutops line is really overdoing it. The kabutos reproduce, and you're never going to have 4 on your bench at a time. And the Pichu is just bad here. Here's what I'd do.

Pokemon (17)
3 Kabuto
3 Kabutops
2 Rocket's Hitmonchan (help ya with Gatr a tad)
3 Eevee
2 Umbreon
3 Cleffa
1 Murkrow

Trainers (26)
4 Elm
3 Wrath
3 Fossil Egg
3 Erika
4 Focus band
3 Double Gust
2 Rocket's Minefield gym (since Kabuto's not coming from your hand [Razz] and it can help Umby)
1 Time Capsule

Energy (17)
4 Dark
3 Recycle
10 Fighting

Just what I'd do...

[ April 27, 2002, 08:11 AM: Message edited by: ShuckleGod ]

Another proud member of York Comics league, Parma, OH.

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-Alakazam/Steelix (7-0) (7/27/02) (1st place)
-Ampharos (3-2) (7/20/02) (10th place)
-Mew/Electabuzz (3-3) (7/13/02) (5th place)
-Ampharos (2-2-1) (7/6/02 Origins)
-Nidoking (2-3) (6/29/02) (8th place)
-Light Jolteon (3-3) (6/22/02) (8th place)
-Pidgeot (5-3) (6/15/02) (3rd place)

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