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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Muskeet, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. Muskeet

    Muskeet New Member

    First things first i must give mad props to Gymbo Ex on his Eternasaur deck as that's what i went with today liking the idea and how it fits my playing style perfect.

    Anyways I got to the event about 10 mins into registration signed up and did a few last min trades and card searching to get the deck finished and then filled out the decklist and turned it in.........blah blah blah this is all boring lets get to the action.

    Round 1: Josh R. Garde/Lade

    A typical frustrating first round vs a good friend which seems to ALWAYS happen to us no matter where the tournament is. He gets a quick start with a turn 2 Queen and starts setting up and KOs my Celebi with a Nidorina but not before i get the energy off him and onto a benched Bulba. By about turn 8-9 he's looking dangerous with a full bench set up Garde's Lade's Queen's u name it while i'm sitting with 3 Bulbas each with 3 energy, a wooper and a Celebi and i can't draw a Rare Candy, Ivysaur or Search supporter to save my life and he starts going to town on my basics. About turn 16 or so i FINALLY get a Venusaur set up and with a bit of lucky flips i start to make a comeback with conditions and heals leading the way but the Lade's eventually out do my Venus with a few key flip misses and he takes it.

    So now i'm not to thrilled thinking yet again i'm gonna run into a bad tourny and chose the wrong deck but i don't let it get to me to much.

    Round 2: Matt S. Blissey/Sableye

    I start to worry cuz i have a history of bad luck vs Blissey and didn't know how Venu held up to it. I get a great start with Celebi and benched Bulba with Candy/Celio in hand so i get a turn 2 Venu and go aggressive taking out a quick Blissey. He sends up another Blissey and is able to do a good amount of dmg KOing me if i had not had Buffer but by now i have a 2nd Venu set up do what i can to the Blissey setting it up. Later on i get a Blissey to 90 and end up having to warp it to save myself and he continues to power it on the bench while i eat thru his Sableyes with a fresh Venu (Disable is annoying) He finally sends it back up and is able to KO a fresh Venu but my next on the the bench retaliates against and it leaves him with little power left successfully clinching the win.

    Things are starting to look up and i'm happy yet again

    Round 3: Bret B. Magmor/Typho/Catty

    I catch a few glimpes of what he's playing as we shuffle and i'm starting to think great my one weakness in the whole tourny and i run into it. Lucky for me he gets a Mew start and top decks a Cyndaquil giving me a small chance to set up which i do surely but slowly he gets out a Typho just as i can KO his Mew but he can't get anything else going. I send up a fresh Venu vs it hit for 60 his turn he continues to pull nothing hits for 80 and I win.(Tough break Bret always a pain to lose like that). We play a fun game after and he annihilates me without a problem reassuring me how lucky i got.

    Round 4: Deanna Electivire/Raichu

    She starts with a Pikachu and Electrike and i begin to worry knowing i'm playing mono color that Manectric can really hurt. I'm able to get a quick Venu but nothing else while she in turn gets a real early Amphy. Having to play supports or risk no set up I take dmg almost every turn for about 5 turns but healing with Giant Bloom keeps my active Venu looking great while i get a 2nd set up. Feeling i have a lock on the game i get a bit lax and start forgetting a few things and misplaying a bit and she's able to take 4 prizes in one go with Manectric. Thankfully for a good Magical Aroma sleep on it i'm able to take my last prize. If i had missed that she might have had me since i missed the heads on the first Giant Bloom heal.

    Knowing that my top 4 chances ride on the next match i'm looking good till i see pairings

    Round 5: Michael P. Absol/Quicketune

    I wasn't very happy seeing me paired against Mike as i have a losing record vs him dating back about 6 years of playing him but i am still confident in my deck. I get a fair set up and luck out as he has no energy for his Absol allowing me to set up i quickly warp the absol to avoid him top decking the energy which he did get next turn and started setting up his Tune swarm i get a quick Venu up against him which he brings within 80. His turn he's mentors for the quick KO most likely clinching it for him but 1 Tot is prized thank the heavens i'm able to survive with 10 hp and get the KO next turn providing me with much needed set up time. He eventually gets me locked with some Cess and Sleeps which i can't seem to flip heads on at all. When i finally get out of my rut we're tied 4-4. I get another 2 Venus set up and ready to go and my 60's plus healing and buffer are able to net me down to 1 prize him at 3 with time down to about 1 min. He goes into sleep stall mode trying to deck me as i have 1 card left in my deck fortunately for me time got called As i started my last turn in which i would have been able to KO him only if he flipped 2 tails on burns.

    So I'm in the top 4 for the first cities this year finally breaking my bad luck streak
    Top 4 are:
    5-0 Josh R. Garde/Lade
    4-1 Ryan R. Venusaur(me)
    4-1 Adrian M. Speedban
    4-1 Ian. B Gallade/Absol

    We go through the typical deck check process and prepare for the top 4
    Me vs Adrian
    Josh vs Ian

    T4 Round 1: Adrian M. Speedban

    We both get good starts him with his acension me with Sprouting Leaf Tornado to set up a turn 2 Venu he KOs my Celebi and i go Agro with my Venu buffers while setting up a 2nd his Ban's just can't seem to get enough done through heals and buffers with Banettes and i get an early lead he starts to get a small come back mounted when i stalled out due to Cess Crystal but when i finally get past it with Venu I lock it down for the win.

    T4 Round 2:

    He gets a quick Banette set up I warp to try and save my Celebi so he can Tornado set up Bulba but forgot about Ghost Head which he retreats and does to KO my Celebi stalling me out horribly. After a few turns of sacraficing basics trying to get my Bulba with energy set up i go for a sleep stall which works for a time but i can't pull Rare Candies or Ivysaurs no matter how bad i need them leaving him to just keep walking thru my basics so i finally scoop to give us both time for the 3rd game.

    T4 Round 3:

    I go first and get a turn 2 Venusaur thinks are looking great as I walk through his only Banette with that he tries to stall a bit for set up by getting basic after basic as best he can but 60 a turn is just to much to overcome and i finally bench him moving myself into the finals. Bad break Adrian

    So i'm in the top 2 Yay me my streak is definetly over

    T2 Round 1: Ian B. Gallade/Absol

    He gets an Absol start vs my Celebi which is usually good for me as most my setup is there on the board and it does end up good till he gets a turn 3 Gallade and wipes up Celebi before i get the energy moved. He then walks through a wooper and i get a Venu set up and sent out next with buffer knowing he can't OHKO it. I stall with the Venu a bit while he revolving doors his Gallades and overwhelms it. Later this game i get 3 Venusaurs set up at once and mount a comeback tieing the game and having all but 1 of his poke within 1 hit knock outs now. It gets to the point where i can win all i gotta do it flips heads on Giant Bloom to keep my active Venu alive and i MISS IT >< he ko's that and it's downhill from there.

    T2 Round 2:

    I start with a god hand ready for a turn 2 Venu with a little luck of a Copycat. I go first set up Celebi for the quick power he goes. He baleful winds me and gets rid of my ONLY SUPPORTER COPYCAT screwing over my entire hand. I have no chance of recovering from that a bit of sleep stall hopes of setting up and all i can top deck is energy and anything else i top deck i can use ends up getting TGM or Balefull'd before i can use it so i lost this one pretty quick.

    So i end up in 2nd which is nothing to look down upon considering my streak before this one.
    Maybe next time i'll get the first but heck a T4 would make me happy and maybe start a new winning streak.

    GYMBO EX for building this awesome deck
    Venusaur for being such a fun annoying card
    Dwayne, Stewart and Paul for running a great event
    Kevin for taking his 4th Cities (WTG Kev)
    Dwayne for getting the awesome Pizza Hut deal again
    Dalez Cards'N'Comics for having the cards i needed for sale
    To everyone who lent or traded me cards for the tourny

    Absol for being a painfully broken card >< (with the help of luck of course)
    Cess Crystal for being equally as annoying but not broken lol
  2. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    great job ryan

    yea dude, from the looks of the earlier of game 1 (and after I pulled like 3 early prizes) I thought it was just gonna be a lame donk.
    but when u FINALLY got some Venusaur, I was amazed at how uber of a comeback you made, turning a lame donk into a edge gripping game. (once most of the prizes were flipped, those veny's were soooo dang hard to KO)
    if that flip on Venusaur's attack had gone your way at the end of it, you would have shortly ate away the rest of my guys.
    and (assuming that time would have called in game 3) you could've taken the first prizes with celebi.

    but yea.. game 1 made me think about how i woulda got pwned had we both got set up properly.

    mega-props for pwning with such a rad deck

    ps: bulbasaurs got your back :grass:

    -ian b
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2007
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    gj on second even though i dont know you :D
  4. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    WTG Skeeter!!!!

    Gj on second man, glad to streak has ended.
  5. Gymbo ex

    Gymbo ex New Member

    Nice job. Pretty good job placing second with a Rogue deck and with little practice before the tournament (assuming).

    Thank you for the props. I appreciate it. I truly enjoy when players successfully use decks I make. Thanks again.

  6. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    hey GJ on 2nd. loved the deck GL at the next cities

    hey if you have any extra room in your car could ian and/or i come:biggrin::rolleyes:... PLZ PLZ lol
    BTW nice report
  7. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Say no, say no!!!!

    That way someone else can actually win.

  8. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    we might have room bret
  9. Muskeet

    Muskeet New Member

    Yeah Bret might have to go with Montoya i've already got a full car
  10. BretKid

    BretKid New Member

    o NM guys my dad said he can take me/ian up there...thanks for the offer adrian.:thumb:
  11. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    hey thanks for putting me in your props and gj nice reaport


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