31st August 2003- Malaysia National Day Parade Report

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    The parade was held in Putrajaya Bovlard. It was the biggest parade ever! First, the parade started with the new version of the National Anthem. Then was the formation of the logo, national flag and much more. The most interesting part - the procession started at 9.00 am Malaysia time. Various contingents came up with their marching them and floats. The contingents consist of companies and uniform bodies, school bands and government sectors. The celebration ended at 11.00 pm.

    Interesting parts:

    Panasonic, a company, march with their unique formation.

    A float with a “Robocop” and another with an octopus.

    The new version of Malaysia National Anthem was sang for the first time.

    The most interesting:

    Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir (Malaysia Prime Minister) hosted the National Day celebration for the very LAST TIME.

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