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  1. enormouscookie

    enormouscookie New Member

    Pokemon: 16

    4 Absol
    4-2-3-2-1 gallade/gardivoir/gardivioir level x (Side note: ralts and kirlias are from sw)

    Trainers: 27

    4 rare candy
    3 celios
    3 roseannes
    3 Team galactics wager
    3 team galactics mars
    3 windstorm
    3 plus powers
    2 stevens advice
    1 strength charm
    1 castaway
    1 warp point

    Energy: 17

    9 pyschic
    3 fighting
    4 double rainbow
    1 scramble

    I have a feeling I should dump a fighting and add a sableye for a nice top deck. I have a feeling the pokemon are fine, but I am not too sure about some of the trainers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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