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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by ace_201, Oct 6, 2007.

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    Hey. I'm Justin Florio. This is my first report here on the forums, so it might be a little junky. I can't remember the names of all the people I played either, so the matches will just be labeled as me vs "whatever deck". So yea, it was my first tournament and first premier event we had down in Lawrenceville, GA at The Tower Games. I decided to run a deck that I was comfortable with, Mario, after a ton of debating. It was either Mario, Kricketune, or Empocario. Mario was definitely the best bet. I am 17 and in the Masters division. On to the report.

    Round 1

    Justin F. vs James (Lucario/Rampardos)

    This is one of the decks I was worried about facing since it and Mario are pretty back and forth. Anyways, he gets a nice start with Girafarig, searching out Excavators and whatnot. I eventually get a Lucario out nail a prize or two. He gets Rampardos out and hits me with Assurance. I have to Lv. Up at that point, and that is where I started turning it in my favor completely. I hit Rampardos once, he retreated. I killed the next thing, Rampardos came back and knocked out Lv. X. Fortunately I had a Machamp in the back, and I just dominated from there.

    Round 2

    Justin F. vs Jon (Honchkrow/Torterra)

    This is also a deck I feared. Unfortunately for him, this was not his lucky day. He starts out with one basic just like I do. I get Machop, he gets Turtwig. I go first as well. I energy Machop, hit for 20. He doesn't get another basic, he Razor Leafs me for 10. I energy up, use Pokedex, get Machoke with it, evolve, and use Plus Power to hit for 40 and game.

    Round 3

    Justin F. vs Nick (Lucario/Rampardos)

    Another one of these things. Great. We both start off with Riolu. I got first, energy him, miss with the kick. He does the same, but he hits with the kick. I take 30. I energy my Riolu, evolve to Lucario, hit for 40. He does the same as me, still no other basic. I Plus Power and hit for 50 for game.

    Round 4

    Justin F. vs Salamence EX/Altaria EX

    Ugh. This deck is nasty if you can get the Salamence off. I start off with one basic as usual. It's Machop. I also start with 2 Cessation Crystal, 1 Steven's Advice, 2 Plus Power, and Professor Rowan. I go first. I draw another Cessation Crystal... ouch. He started off with Bagon, attached an energy to him. He played another Bagon to the bench, then used Mentor to get another Bagon, a Swablu, and a Holon's Castform. He hits for 10. I have 8 cards in hand and a Machop with nothing. I say screw it, attach two Plus Power to Machop and use Steven's Advice. I draw 5. 2 Energy, Riolu, Castaway, Warp Point. I Warp Point, kill the Bagon he sent out. I just start dominating, getting everything I need. Next draw was Celio's get Lucario, energy. It all went downhill for him. Beat him before he could get any of that Salamence or Altaria stuff out.

    Round 5

    Justin F. vs Jason (Feraligatr)

    So, I'm gonna scoop to this guy anyways since half of the cards in my deck are his, and I already made the top 4 cut regardless of the outcome, so I give him the match. We play it out anyways. He gets one Totodile. He evolved to Croconaw. Next turn Feraligatr. I couldn't get any evolutions until it was too late. I got his Gatr down to 50 HP. It was still his only Pokemon. I had Lucario out as my last pokemon. I use Castaway, get an energy for Lucario... I go to get my Strength Charm to finish it... and it's in my prizes. Oh well, I'm in top 4 regardless, and Jason earned his even though I would have scooped.

    So, I made top 4. I was happy about it, and only locals from the shop we play at made top 4, which was another good thing. Tower Games dominated.

    Top 4 - Semi-Finals

    Justin F. vs Tim (Infernacatty)

    Game 1 - I get a decent start, but so does he. I miss Wild Kick, but knock out a Zangoose on the next turn with Lucario. He gets an Infernape out, Meteor Punches for 60. Lame. I end up knocking that Infernape out with Lv. X. He fights back for a while, but eventually just loses when all I need to dig for is one of 2 Machamps in a deck of only 7 cards. Steven's Advice for 4 cards did it.

    Game 2 - Again, I get a decent hand. He starts with Chimchar. It gets KO'd second turn by Machop Plus Power'd. He can't get any DRE's to play on his Infernapes and just loses. I take all my prizes very shortly.

    Awesome. Top 2 for the win.

    Top 4 - Finals

    Justin F. vs James, again (Lucario/Rampardos)

    Uhhhh... this stinks. I've had to face this same deck 3 times. Pretty lame

    Game 1 - I got out Lucario first, and he just couldn't recover. Lv. X sealed the deal on Rampardos, and he just couldn't get another basic.

    Game 2 - I go first. I play Machop, hit his fossil for 20. His turn. Rare Candy the Fossil to Rampardos, Double Rainbow Energy, Assurance, Plus Power, game. Very... obnoxious.

    Game 3 - I go first. I get Riolu vs his Girafarig. He gets kicked for 30. Next turn Lucario to finish the Girafarig. He Rare Candies to Ramparados. He uses Assurance to take me to 60. I have to use Lv. X, but I need one more energy. I have to attach a DRE to the X, so it does 10 less. Regardless, he can't damage me, and he can't get another basic, so it's GG.

    Yay. I won the Battle Roads and the prize card + 8 packs. Good stuff.
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    Congratulations Man!!!!. BTW that round 4 is De Ja Vu LOL. I had trouble against that deck but its seems that you had a less tougher time against that deck.
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    Yeah Yeah Yeah!
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    Can yuu please nme the major cards in Rampados. I am trying to build it but I am stck

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