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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Pokemon_Breeder, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Pokemon_Breeder

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    im not sure if this goes here but i guess :tongue:.

    Inmy country , theres a problem with the list of persons who clasified for the national championship so in order to know who are the clasified we need to know what are the ways to clasify to this tournament, we know obviously that the winners of a premier event are clasiffied but the questions are

    -¿are the pre-release considered as a "premier events"?

    - ¿do the winners of the last national championship (2007,1,2 and 3 place) are classified to the national championship of this year?(2008)

    - ¿what is the few number of player that a national championship must have?

    -¿can anybody give some link where i can find al this answers?,:biggrin: i try to find them in the op.pokemon but i cant find anything , maybe because im not a proffesor XD

    well, i hope anybody can answer my questions:lol:

    thx, and sorry for my english XD
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