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    In collaboration with Asmodee (France) and The Pokemon Company international (TPCi) we proudly present:

    European Challenge Cup 2012

    Last year the European Challenge Cup was an International Special Premier Event visited by 275 players from 15 European countries!

    This tournament will be held on Saturday 18 February (Swiss rounds) and Sunday 19 February 2012 (finals) at Sporthal Elderveld, Breezandpad 13, NL-6843 JM Arnhem, The Netherlands.*

    *The venue is just a couple of kilometres from the German border, it's train station one of the major stops of international trains coming from the Airports of Cologna (Köln - Germany), Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). There is a public tribune where family and nonplaying friends can watch the games from reasonable distance. A catering service is present at the location, just like a shopping mall at a distance of 500 meters with several restaurants and supermarkets. The venue is easily to reach with public transport from the Central Station, where also most of the hotels are located. There are enough possibilities for parking cars in the vicinity of the venue. The whole building will be available for the whole weekend for the tournament exclusively. No food or drinks allowed in the playing area, at the tribunes only drinks in plastic cups.

    The tournament starts at 10.00 am, but the registration at the venue opens at 08.00 am (till 09.45 am).
    A total of nearly 600 participants can be accommodated.
    The size of the divisions are dependent on the number of players. The tournament is open to participants from all over the world.

    Preregistration starts at: November, 17th, 2011, at the Pokemon Organized Play Benelux site: . The site is now multilingual and digital (pre)registrationforms are present at the site (see buttons at the header) Under button Tournaments > European Challenge Cup information will be provided in eight languages (Italian, Swedish, Danish and Spanish under construction at present, but available soon).
    Please add your country code behind your name in the registration form. For example: Danny Player (UK)
    All preregistrators will receive a letter of confirmation with all kind of information about the tournament, public transport, hotels, etc.

    Tournament structure
    Participants play with their own decks in the Modified Constructed format.
    That means that the use of cards is limited to certain series. Prior to the tournament, during the player meeting, one has to hand over a decklist and during the tournament there will be deck checks.
    Participants are divided into 3 divisions, dependent on the year of birth. These divisions are:
    Junior division: born in 2001 or later;
    Senior division: born in 1997, 1998, 1999 or 2000;
    Masters division: born in 1996 or earlier.

    At Saturday the tournament is using Age Modified Swiss pairings, gameplay in rounds of 30 minutes + 3 turns. During this part of the tournament each pairing is made randomly by the Tournament Operations Manager program, the results of the competitors will influence the pairings of the next round. Championships Points are rewarded according to the Regional Championships level. The European Challenge Cup 2012 will have a rating with a K-value of 32. Based on the number of attendants per division there will be a Top-cut (max. Top-32). Top-cut will be played at Sunday being 2-out-of-3 + 3 turns in rounds of 60 minutes.

    Program (preliminary)
    Saturday 18 February 2012:
    8.00 - 9.45 am - Registration players and hand over decklists
    10.00 am - opening hall to players to check player roster
    10.20 am - pairings
    10.30 am - start first round Swiss.
    Lunch after round 2 for 1 hour.

    Sunday 19 February 2012:
    9.30 - 10.00 am - Arrival finalists/pairings
    10.00 am - Start first round finals.
    10.30 - 11.00 am - Registration Release Event newest set
    11.00 am - 16.00 pm Release Event newest set
    17.00 pm - End of last round finalists followed by handing out the prizes to the Winners of the ECC 2012

    Don’t forget when you participate in this tournament
    Take care that you have your PlayerID at hand;
    Read the tournament rules, so you know what to bring to this event;
    Have your decklist form filled in completely prior to the tournament during deckchecks;
    At 10.20 h am the pairings are made up and the tournament starts at 10.30 am;
    Be at the venue on time.

    1st place: 1st place 54 boosters of next destinies and a special for this tournament designed trophy
    2nd place: 2nd place 54 boosters of BW Next Destinies
    3rd place: 3rd place 36 boosters of BW Next Destinies
    4rd place: 4th place 36 boosters of BW Next Destinies
    5th-8th place: 18 boosters of BW Next Destinies
    9th-16th place: 9 boosters of BW Next Destinies
    All participants receive a souvenir token of ECC 2012 at the start of round 1 and an booster Next destinies and an Accelgor promo at registration.

    Admission fee: 5 euro

    Side Events
    On Sunday there will be (a) release event(s) of the newest set for those interested that didn't make Topcut.

    For those in need of a hotel, feel free to inquire at the sites email-address:
    Registrees from outside The Netherlands and Belgium will receive a listing of available hotels with their letter of confirmation.

    Questions and specified information?
    With all questions or in need of specified information you are welcome to send an email to:

    Updates will be added to this thread regularly.

    HaPé Wagner (TO ECC 2012)
    Organized Play Coördinator Benelux
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    Are there Championship Points associated with the Cup this year?
  3. sandshrew

    sandshrew New Member

    Yes, like a Regional. Both Prague Cup and European Challenge Cup are official International Special Premier Events that have been approved at the European OPC meeting.
  4. Zarmakuizz

    Zarmakuizz New Member

    What makes the difference between the 1st and the 4th, apart from the trophy ?
  5. sandshrew

    sandshrew New Member

    The championships points. This year there will be no medals in Premier Events unfortunately.
  6. ShadowGuard

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    That means, no trophies for ECC?
    Would be sad for such a big event. Prague got some self-ordered trophys which looked really nice, they're not that expensive I think.
  7. Nemes

    Nemes New Member

    Just booked for 8 italians (Thu-Mon), and a lot more yet to come. ;)
  8. Haunter_FanBoy

    Haunter_FanBoy New Member

    What's the newest set that's gonna be legal?
  9. sandshrew

    sandshrew New Member

    The one released at February 8th!
  10. sandshrew

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    New information is added at post #1:
    - name of the new set to be released in early February
    - There will be a special designed ECC 2012 trophy for First place in each division
  11. dancingaway

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    So, just to confirm, Next Destinies (released on 8th February) WILL be legal for the tournament?

    I ask for confirmation as often sets out for a week or 2 are excluded from tournaments.

  12. sandshrew

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  13. EeveeLover

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    I posted an abbreviated version of this topic and announcement on the Front Page, to help generate more buzz and hopefully increase attendance.
  14. badganondorf

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    I preregistered to the tournament, should I've gotten an confirmation about it?
  15. sandshrew

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    Yes, every preregistration will be confirmed (in one out of 8 possible languages available). However, I do not know your name, but one player could not be confirmed as his emailadres given refused any emails as the mailbox was full. :nonono: Please PM me your name and I can look up if you are that preregistrator and send you a message through the PM box of this site :thumb:

    To all that (perhaps) did not receive a confirmation yet, please contact me by sending me a PM or at the emailaddress of the Pokémon OP Benelux site:

    We passed the first 100 preregistrations!
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  16. PUAthelas

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    Hey guys, I got a question: I am french but I live in Spain. Spain doesn´t have any Organized PLay despite the fact that we want it badly and a lot of people play the game. My question is: can I attend this event even without having any POP ID?
    If that wasn´t the case, what should I do in order to receive one? Should I go to a french League or something?
    Thank you
  17. Zarmakuizz

    Zarmakuizz New Member

    PUAthelas : I'm a French Organizer and I could give you a POP ID. We could discuss about it by PM, on Pokegym or on the French forum Pokécardex. :)
  18. sandshrew

    sandshrew New Member

    PlayerID's can be provided at the ECC also. No problem at all!
  19. PUAthelas

    PUAthelas New Member

    Cool! Thank you :)
    I´ll definitely check that forum :p

    ---------- Post added 12/15/2011 at 03:39 AM ----------

    Great! So I assume my spanish friends could also play right?
  20. sandshrew

    sandshrew New Member

    Yep, Pokemon is (and must be) fun for all!

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