Arcanine in Infernape?

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    Hey guys,

    After fooling around for school and college I've decided to give Pokemon some more of time. Now, my deck choice is limited (Only Ape), hence me trying to fool around with this, but, how would SW Arcanine fit into an Ape deck as a nice tech? I mean, say you have an Ape active with 2 fire. You drop the k9, attach a DRE, and boom. Instant 110 damage. It would only be considered a cleaner in the deck, but it would help give Ape some more boost mid to late game after the speed runs out. Plus, I'm pretty sure a Blissey player would be awestruck when they see one get OHKO'd with 2 Pluspower. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
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    But it takes all that AND 2 plus power (or strength charm exchanged with one plus power). That's a lot to KO one pokemon. And afterwards, all your energy is on Arcanine and Arcanine only has 60HP left. All the Blissey player has to do is attach a boost, and bring back an energy with it's attack and that's a OHKO on Arcanine.

    The combo looks good on paper, but I feel Arcanine hurting itself makes the combo not worth trying. DRE works well for both cards and there is synergy between the two cards, but I just don't see it working that well.

    But it never hurts to come up with ideas. Decent idea.
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    Yea, I agree with most of what you said. I guess only testing will tell. I'm thinking 1/1 to start and gradually increase (or decrease) based on testing results.
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    My problem with Ape as a combo is that... How often will active Infernape actually have energy? Not that often... After all, Flare Blitz discards all fire energy on him, and you need to pull energy from the active. Whoops.

    You need to find a pokemon who will keep a good amount of energy on them for Arcanine to be useful at all (it's not like it has free retreat...), so finding something such as Blissey, Moltres (GE), Blaziken (PK and GE) would be a good idea. Unfortunately, we only have Blissey at the moment, and EVERYONE does all they can to beat that ugly pink thing down. Not to mention that the Arcanine doesn't do much for Blissey besides instantly retreat it. :/

    It COULD be useful once GE releases some of those possibly interesting combos, but until then...
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    I think this is kinda of contradictory to the concept of Infernape. You're supposed to discard energy to attack with Ape, yet you _have_ to have energy attached in order to pay for that expensive Arc cost!

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