arithmatic my way (mini article)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by goldedda, May 3, 2008.

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  1. goldedda

    goldedda New Member

    Pokemon 27

    3 piplup (DP)
    1 Prinplup (MD)
    2 empoleon (MD)
    1 empoleon (DP)
    1 empoleon lv.x (DP
    3-3 Bannete (SW)
    holons castform 1
    2-2 mismagius

    Supporter and so.

    rare candy 3
    celios netwok 4
    rosannes research 2
    lake boundry 1
    battle frontier 1
    cessetion crystal 2
    scott 1
    castaway 1
    warp point 1
    night maintenance 2

    psychic 9
    water 7
    double rainbow 2
    scramble 2
    holon wp 1

    I played that deck in my league with proxies for empoleon !! but the deck i really good.
    Pokemon 24

    He is there for the mag decks but is good for sniped too!



    55:45 if you get the fast empoleon its game. but then not still a good chance to beat it up with the bannete, only problem his healing power so a fast cessetion would do best.

    50:50 you have to get fast cessetion, or battle frontier when yes easy match, when not you have really problem o beat it.


    45:55 I have always problems to play against it, but when i get a T2 bannete i win most of my matches! But mis magius would really help her!

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  2. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    I don't mean to flame you, but:

    1. This deck is not Arithmetic at all. So far I've seen 2 decks calling themselves Arithmetic... just because they pack Banette? And BTW, 3-3 is bad.

    2. The lines are just randomly mixed. Empoleon is not being taken advantage of here as there is nothing that works with it. Mismagius is bad, especially since this deck does nothing to spread counters, thus, as I said, making this deck NOT Arithmetic.

    3. There is no chemistry.

    4. Another bad trainer/supporter line.

    5. 21 energies? You MUST be new at this game.

    6. As far as your matchup ratios go, in reality they are more like 20-80 against any good player at BEST. I'm just being honest.

    I'm sorry, but again, as an original tester and user of Arithmetic, this is just bad. But I shouldn't feel too bad since this deck really is NOT Arithmetic at all.
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