Battle Road #2 >:(

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    So I decided to play with Megagatr today

    round 1 - noob guy with starter deck

    So I get a GOD start and set up turn 3. I finish him off with gatr d hitting him for 90 and win


    round 2 - Zach with Empoleon/Raichu

    We both get terrible starts but I keep getting H. casties.


    round 3 - Sam with Gatr eggs

    close game. I mulligan like 3 times and he gets 4 basics, a mew * d active, and I get a casty and a chikorita. So I start getting set up and he just draws 4 cards with mimicry. when I get set up he hays 3 gatrs, 2 rayquaza ex ds and an Eggy sr. d. I keep holding on with meganium. It eventually comes down to each of us having 1 prize, his gatr with no nrgy and 60 damage, my meganium with 3 nrgy, and him having no basic energy left. He passes, I swing with mega impact for the win. GG sam


    Round 4 - connar with meganium (again) :/

    I get a god start and he starts with unown e. Somehow he sets up and I get fully set up. This game takes forever because it is mega d vs. mega d. In the end, it is connar winning 1-2 with no cards in his deck, he ends.
    I'm just about to say "I end GG", when the judge screams "TIME!". He wins due to prize advantage. GG



    getting 2 absol ex
    getting a Garchomp for my palkia
    getting 5th
    beating Sam for revenge
    almost beating connar
    all the judges
    dad for driving
    zach for winning


    getting horrible start against Zach
    no top cut
    not getting a prize
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    Cool dude!!

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