Behind the scenes of Video Game registration at Georgia Regional (2014)

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    The Georgia Regional used losjackal's PokeGym Labs digital registration system. Along with the improved POP Regulations Download ("Battle Box Locking") this resulted in a very smooth registration of significant size -- Masters 274. Seniors 76. Juniors 31 -- in 75 minutes! Could things be improved? Sure. Could other systems do as well or better? Quite possibly! However, several folks have asked about it, so I offered to post a diagram and our signage for others to review and/or use. So here they are!

    As usual the success depends on staff. GA-REG staff had been trained on the new regulations download (some had done it in FLA). They had the mass service mindset to get simple repetitive things done quickly, but the creativity to adjust to route around roadblocks that developed. Bravo team, led by Greg Wyman.

    Over on the registration side of the house, our customer service folks kept things in order, directed people into line, handed out Player IDs and made sure players got their promos on the way out.

    Result? After rosters were posted:
    • Two people claimed they weren't on the roster, but they went back and found they actually were on the roster.
    • One person wasn't on the roster, but she managed to escape going to the registration computers after the regulation download.
    Having an essentially perfect roster after close of registration is pretty amazing and really helps keep things going for the players.

    The keys, in my view were:
    1. Experienced staff, trained on the systems.
    2. Set up the VG reg area and signage the night before.
    3. Plenty of customer service people to keep the players moving the right direction.

    Here are our signs. Free for you to use, modify and improve:
    View attachment 0 - Battle Box VG.docx
    View attachment 1 - Register Here VG.docx
    View attachment VGC Legal 1 Page POKEĢMON.docx

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