BelleCon Retro Tournament in May

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by failtrainer, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Hey all, this is my first post ever on here (I briefly looked for an intro board but I didn't notice one). I am not officially associated with this convention, but I stumbled upon it randomly fumbling through Google.

    May 10 - 12th is a Japanese Culture convention called BelleCon, and they are going to have a Retro Tournament sometime during. Their definition of Retro is pre-Neo Genesis. So all decks have to be Base Set to Gym Challenge.

    That is the page so far. I already e-mailed them asking if we were allowed more than one deck or deck tuning between matches based on the page's wording. To that end, I was promptly answered that they weren't sure but if they allowed multiple decks, 2 would be the maximum. And if you could change cards in or out it'd have to be from a small group pre-approved alongside your deck.

    It's in Jacksonville, Florida by the way.

    I figure old cards really aren't on anyone's radar these days, but if you have the resources to build a deck it could be a fun blast from the past.
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    That sounds like a blast.

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