Best Booster Packs to buy

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by chandeluregalore, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. chandeluregalore

    chandeluregalore New Member

    Hello i have 200 codes can you guys help me figure out what packs i shud buy and tell me what is in them? i need the terrakion from noble victories and thundurus so i will buy some of those
  2. PokeCuber

    PokeCuber New Member

    Dragons Exalted has Decent EX's. Emerging powers will supply your trainers, as well as Dark Explorers which also has the darkrai EX. As for mewtwo EX, Either wait for the tins or get the ND packs but not too many of them.
  3. NoDice

    NoDice New Member

    Do NOT get Emerging Powers. It has 4 playable cards in the entire set (roughly). It DOES have Pokemon Catcher, which is a staple, but you can just trade for those later on when that feature is available. For supporters grab some Dark EXplorers packs, if you get a 36 lot youre sure to pull enough Ns, Junipers, Random Recievers(A supporter search item card) and Cherens to make a decent to good draw engine. And DEX also has Ultra Ball, which is a good Pokemon search card and pretty good EX Pokemon cards. Next Destinies would be up second for items such as Level Ball and Heavy Ball, but other than Mewtwo EX and somewhat Shaymin EX the Pokemon are sort of lackluster.

    And finally, the new hot ticket, Dragons Exalted, has alot of playable EXs and new items such as Tool Scrapper and new Special Energies called Blend Energy which are pretty good in alot of decks.

    Id say personally-

    36-72 Dark Explorers. 18-36 Next Destinies. 36-72 Dragons Exalted. And any remaining depends on what kind of deck interests you- Noble Victories has Eelektrik which is a good energy accelerator and of course Emerging Powers has Pokemon Catcher.
  4. chandeluregalore

    chandeluregalore New Member

    i have about 50 codes left and i have eelektrik already. how should i divide dragons exalted and dark explorers ? 25 25? i will wait for mewtwo ex tins or trade maybe
  5. NoDice

    NoDice New Member

    Well, if you have all the supporters I mentioned, Im going to tell you right now that you are probably better off getting Dragons Exalted. Splitting them 25/25 isnt going to get you hardly enough EXs or regular Holos(Hydra and Chomp) to build a deck around them. If you have enough supporters and some trainers from Dark Explorers then yeah, go for 50 Exalted.

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