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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Coga19000, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Coga19000

    Coga19000 New Member

    Here I am again, with the second deck of mine! This time, I found that some Items and Supporters are nesessary, so it is no longer just pokemon-energies. Also, all cards are format legal. Of cource, it is not perfect yet, so tell me your opinion!

    PS:For another time, I would appreciate you telling me how much is the total cost of this deck, and where to buy it, 'cause I have a hard time finding separate cards!

    2 Riolu (BW promo 33)
    2 Riolu (HS Unleashed)
    2 Lucario (HS Unleashed)
    2 Lucario (BW Next Destinies)
    4 Tepig (BW promo 7)
    3 Pignite (Black and White/ the Flamethrower one)
    1 Emboar (Black and White/The Inferno Fandago one[preferably but not nessessary the shiny one])
    1 Emboar (Black and White/ the Flare Blitz one)
    3 Machop (HS-Triumphant)
    2 Machoke (HS-Triumphant)
    2 Machamp Prime
    2 Mankey (HS- Unleashed
    1 Primeape (HS-Unleashed)
    2 Victini (BW- Noble Victories/ the Victory Star one[preferably but not nessessary the Full Art one])
    1 Victini (BW- Noble VIctories/the V-Create one)
    2 Moltres (BW- Next Destinies)

    2 Alph Lithograph -the fifth one (WARNING:these Lithographs are a part I'm not sure I need. If you think so too, I'm open to changes with cards of your opinion)
    1 Dual Ball
    1 Great Ball
    1 Heavy Ball
    1 Level Ball
    1 Poke Ball
    1 Energy Retrieval
    2 Pokemon Communication
    2 Switch

    2 Fisherman
    2 Black Belt

    1 Burned Tower

    5 Fire Energies
    5 Fighting Energies
    1 Rainbow Energy

    Strategy:Mostly a mix of strategies. First, the Lucarios, with their quick 2-turn setup, will start their assault with powerful (and in case of the Black and White one, bench-damaging) attacks, while the one Emboar powers-up the other Emboar, for an astounding 150 damage!Also, the Lucario can get switched wit the Machamp Prime for huge amounts of damage, while both Machamp Prime can get switched with each other for non-stopping smackdown! In plus, because the basic forms of the main attackers have a little need of luck, Victini with Victory Star Ability can give them an extra boost in the early game, and also power-up the Fire type Pokemon a bit. Finally, Moltres and Victini with V-Create come for huge damage at the opponent's pokemon, with not many restrictios.
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  2. evil psyduck

    evil psyduck Moderator

    You have 61cards listed please remove one.
  3. Coga19000

    Coga19000 New Member

    I'm sorry, I thought you told me that I had 57 cards in my previous topic, so I added three. Well, it is easily fixed.
  4. CoMiT

    CoMiT New Member

    I am going to suggest you look up Rare Candy and Pokemon Catcher and see if you can fit them into your deck.
    Also you have no form of draw supporters - without draw support your deck has no consistency. You have posted a strategy which involves 8 different pokemon yet you have only got 7 trainers which let you search for them. I assume you want to play competively (since you mentioned in your last thread you wish to go to competitions) so I would suggest looking at a few of the decks on this forum. Whilst many will not be perfect, the vast majority will contain 'staples' which appear in almost every deck. Take a note of these cards and try adding them to your deck.

    I am by no means the best player on this forum, but what I have learnt is that the best players keep winning through consitency (and skill etc.). I would suggest doing a bit of research into the 'meta' and learn which cards are 'good', which cards are 'bad' and which cards are 'necessary'.

    I just want to add that this list is considerably better than your last one - I can safely say that if you continue to take advice your next will be even better :)
  5. Coga19000

    Coga19000 New Member

    Thanks CoMiT, but actually, I hate following ides that everyone uses, like Rare Candy. I mostly try to build decks that can prove that items like these should not be in the list of "nessessary. Maybe because I don't have a lot of cards (at least in present. I had a lot of cards, but I'm from the people that tend to lose things easily:biggrin:-still were not the ones I need for my decks) Well, maybe I can put some Rare Candies in there. Should I...

    +3 Rare Candy
    +2 Pokedex

    -2 Alpth Lithograph ( I told you I didn't think I needed these)
    -1 Tepig
    -1 Machoke
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  6. X_empoleon_X

    X_empoleon_X New Member

    Sure, if this were a fun deck that you would just play with your friends, then it would be ok, but if you plan on going tournaments then you need to understand that there will be cards that you just HAVE to run in order for your deck to be able to keep up with all the metagame decks, as there is a reason that people tend to use the same certain cards in every deck - because they're good.

    Now onto the deck itself. I'm just not understanding why you'd want to attempt and fuse 3 different strategies into one deck, on paper it may sound good but in reality it won't turn out as amazingly as you thought. You should just focus on your deck trying to do 1 thing all the time instead of 3 things half of the time. Your deck can go a number of ways:

    *You can make a deck based around using Machamp Primes Fighting Tag Poké-Power to switch between multiple Machamp Primes and moving the fighting energy from one Machamp too another and use Max Potion to heal the becnhed energyless Machamp Prime. You would have problems with Mewtwo EX as Machamp Prime is weak to Psychic, however with a secondary attacker like Donphan Prime (which also helps make Champ Buster deal more damage) then you have a why to fight against it.

    *You can base the deck around some sort of Lucario rush style deck with a Terrakion NV tech for revenge KOs. Though to be honest, against anything that isn't Zekeel Lucario's damage output is pretty bad almpost relying on your opponent to attack Lucario to activate its Ability and the Unleased Lucario is too dependant on Bulk Up. However if you wish to go with such an idea then let me know, i'll try and make some sort of base to start from.

    *Or you can make a deck around Emboar and charging up pokemon with inferno Fandango.

    I honestly don't know what you want to do with this deck as it's just a jumble of different things, though the best thing to do (or at least to start) is to remove everything apart from the Inferno Fandango Emboar as it's the best pokemon in your deck. Now you need to pair it with something that will really benefit from the constant stream of fire energy, Reshiram and Reshiram EX seem like good partners as Reshiram can deal 120 damage every turn as long a you have fire energy in your hand and Reshiram EX is just basically the Flare Blitz Emboar except it has more HP and it's a basic pokemon, so it's easier to set-up.

    3 Reshiram
    2 Reshiram EX
    3-3-3 Emboar
    1 Smeargle

    These "1 Dual Balls, 1 Level Ball" won't do anything for you if you don't play more of them, so you need to obtain more of these cards as having more increases the chance of you drawing into the card you need and alo allows you to use multiples of them during a game. Your I/S/S section in general seems to just be lacking ALOT of draw cards like Cheren, Sage's Training .etc. Adding those will do so much for your deck, as like i said in your other thread: If you can draw into the cards you need fatser, then you can set up faster which is very important. A good starting point:

    4 Dual Ball
    4 Pokemon Communication
    2 Pokegear 3.0
    3 N
    3 Professotr Juniper
    2 Energy Retrieval
    2 Fisherman

    This is fairly standard. This covers your basic and evolution search power as well as draw power, though you'll need to add more drawing cards (you'll want between 8-10 draw cards) Energy Retrieval/Fisherman get back fire energy.
  7. Coga19000

    Coga19000 New Member

    At first, should I say that the only members that comment my topics are CoMiT and X Empoleon X (oh, and Evil Psyduck, as I have a problem with giving the right amount of cards:biggrin::lol::biggrin:) Come on, don't be shy, I need the opinion of a lot of people.

    As of X Empoleon X's comment, sure have alot to say; and I have alot to say as a response too(with a friendly way, of cource; I cannot say that he is not right)

    1st, it is not three strategies, but two very mixed strategies. FLipctini exists mostly for the basic pokemon, so they have a bette start. Also, Primeape exists mostly for stalling, as it is not much of a tech (obviously). FInally, the two Lucarios exist in the deck for i)spreading damage in the early game, ii) giving a running start to Fighting Tag when the setup is complete, iii) Ilove Lucario:biggrin:.

    2nd, I am thinking to use some drawing methods in my next deck, but I still hate the idea of using space for such an action. However, I thought of using the method of drawing moves, so I'm thinking of using the Elemental Monkeys. Drawing three X-tra cards with a :fire:/:grass:/:water: energy doesn't sound bad, does it? Get a Stadium in play, and everything is under control! What do you think?

    3rd, is it legal to have more than 4 Item cards with the same name?
  8. Lucario12

    Lucario12 New Member

    Coga, in regards to your items is not legal. You can only run four of any card in a deck. There was one loophole in that rule, Arceus...but that is now well out of season. It's a fun concept to use in a league. However, I agree that there is work to be done for competetive success. Though I am presuming that you made the deck for fun.
  9. X_empoleon_X

    X_empoleon_X New Member

    I had to relook at some of the basic pokemon you used because some of them see no play, so you forget what they do. So victini is to help the basic pokemon in the deck before they evolve? seems like a waste because that would imply you plan to use the basic pokemon to attack often, in which case you've already lost the battle. Victini doesn't even make them all that good. All it does is potentially help you deal an extra 10/20 damage ontop of already pitiful 10/20 damage.

    Primeape is hardly a stalling card but more of a meat-shield to be honest, but your deck should be built in a way that you don't need to stall.

    Landorus (Noble Victories) > Lucario (Next Destinies). Why? For the simple fact that Landorus is a basic pokemon with 110 HP which can get 2 energy attached to itself in a single turn. It also spreads damage to your opponents benched pokemon and your own bench pokemon which in turns powers up Champ Buster.

    Using pokemon to draw cards rather than supporters? A rather backwards why of doing things to be honest, at least in this format. A couple years ago it would be a pretty common thing to do with Holons Castform: for the first couple of turns you'd be drawing 3-4 cards alongside the regular draw supporter. However such a method should be left to basic pokemon but even then it'd be a waste of energy. and potentially a prize. However if you truly want to go down this path then use a basic pokemon to draw cards. Farfetch'd HGSS being the best option as it draws 2 cards (i use the word "best" loosely)

    No. You can only have a maximum of 4 cards of the same name in a deck.
  10. Coga19000

    Coga19000 New Member

    1st, what do you mean by "meat-shield"?

    2nd, what I tried to say was that, in early game, Flipctini can help the basics with a little boost. I I didn't, they were fully toasted. And, as I don't run Revives in this deck, I was toasted, too. Flipctini is just a chance for them to survive- untill they get evolved.

    3rd, I like that Landorus idea.

    4th, I'm threading my next deck soon, so you'll see what I mean. I didn't mean that I would draw only from attacks, but I would just put less of them and save space.

    -4 Riolu
    -4 Lucario
    -1 Tepig

    +4 Eviolite
    +2 Landorus
    +2 Larvesta*
    +1 Volcarona*

    *Weird as it can be, Larvesta and Volcarona were in my deck from the neggining. I just forgot to write them!
  11. CruelBear

    CruelBear New Member

    Best drawing attacker is by far, Virizion. 1 colorless for 2 cards, 110 HP, and a decent second attack? Not too bad, really. If you want a drawing bench sitter, Ninetales HS is probably your best bet. You discard a fire energy and draw 3 cards. There's also Musharna and Noctowl for an extra 1 card a turn.
  12. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    Coga19000, what X_empoleon_X said is is the best advice that you're ever going to hear. I know you want to try and win using something different from everyone else, but that usually doesn't work. How you improve as a player is by taking the advice of those who have more experience.

    A lot of newer players want to be original and creative with their deck builds, but please understand that the way to build succesful creative decks is through first learning how to build a solid, competitive deck by playing the best decks available.

    The most important piece of advice for your deck is this: play Supporters that allow you to draw cards. That includes Professor Juniper, Professor Oak's New Theory, N, etc. Your deck won't be very competitive unless you put those cards in.
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