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  1. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Hello, i´m Tom Roos.

    1.I´m living in Finland so if you ship only within US&Canada, don´t bother to read further.
    2.I´ve devided to screw refs, both of my rippers have had plenty, so i see no reason to trust those anymore. If you´re on the "good trader" list, i´ll be glad to send first. You will if you are not.
    3.If the above is not the case, you send first without exeptions. You know my name& could punch me in Florida if i ripped you off. I´m pretty much against violence, so i won´t take that risk.
    4.I can read through lists, but you still make the first offer without expections. If the offer is out of hand, or no offer is included, i won´t reply.
    5.I´m willing to take other than english cards, but you will have to mention about it IN THE FIRST OFFER.
    6.If any of my cards aren´t english or in good condition, i will surely let you know about it in the first place.
    7.Happy&Fair trading, hopefully you didn´t get exhausted going through the rules.

    Very last, something informative for you to know. As far as i know, people from US don´t really trust mail services outside US, which in some places might be wise actually. In here though, i can guarantee that not a single mail will go lost in here (received about 2500 without a single lost dollar/euro/card). The mailing system in northern europe is fully trustable.


    3 Tauros CG
    2 Magmortar SW
    2*Absol SW
    1x Blissey MT
    1 Gardevoir lvl x
    2 Gardy SW
    2 Gallade SW
    2 Pachirisu GE



    1 gardevoir lvl x
    2 pachirisu
    1 gardy SW
    1 gallade sw
    2 roseanne

    If i manage to get all those from ONE player BEFORE saturday, i can throw damn good extras.


    2x Absol ex PK
    1x Aggron ex CG
    3x Altaria ex DF
    2x Blaziken ex CG (1 ***.)
    1x Dragonite ex DF (1 ***.)
    3x Flygon ex DF (1 ***.)
    1x Flygon ex PK
    4x Jirachi ex CG (2 ***.)
    5x Kingdra ex DF (2 ***.)
    2x Kyogre ex CG
    2x Latios ex DF (1 ***.)
    2x Mightyena ex HP
    2x Rayquaza ex DF (2 ***.)
    4x Sceptile ex CG
    2x Shiftry ex PK
    1x Skarmory ex PK
    1x Swampert ex CG
    4x Tyranitar ex DF (4 ***.)

    1x Espeon star
    2x Mew star
    1x Umbreon star
    1x Vaporeon star

    LV. X
    1x Electrivire Lv. X
    2x Empoleon Lv.X
    3x Infernape Lv. X
    1x Magmortar Lv. X
    2x Torterra Lv. X


    3x Armaldo d 1.HP
    1x Cradily d 2.HP
    3x Deoxys d 3. HP
    3x Deoxys d 4.HP
    4x Deoxys d 5.HP
    5x Deoxys d 6.HP
    2x Flygon d 7.HP
    2x Gyarados d 8.HP
    3x Kabutops d 9.HP
    4x Kingdra d 10.HP
    4x Latias d 11.HP
    4x Omastar d 13.HP
    4x Pidgeot d 14.HP
    1x Raichu d 15.HP
    1x Rayquaza d 16.HP
    5x Vileplume d 17.HP
    1x Absol 18.HP
    Xx Bellossom d 19.HP
    3x Blaziken 20.HP
    1x Latias d 21.HP
    1x Latios d 22.HP
    2x Mawile 23.HP
    4x Mewtwo 24.HP
    4x Nosepass 25.HP
    3x Rayquaza d 26.HP
    2x Regirock 28.HP
    4x Registeel 29.HP
    3x Relicanth 30.HP
    1x Sableye 31.HP
    1x Torkoal 33.HP
    6x Aerodactyl d 35.HP
    4x Camerupt 36.HP
    5x Chimecho d 37.HP
    7x Claydol 38.HP
    4x Combusken 39.HP
    3x Donphan 40.HP
    4x Exeggutor d 41.HP
    7x Gloom d 42.HP
    6x Golduck d 43.HP
    Xx Holon’s Castform 44.HP
    3x Lairon 45.HP
    3x Manectric 46.HP
    4x Masquerain 47.HP
    Xx Persian d 48.HP
    5x Pidgeotto d 49.HP
    7x Primeape d 50.HP
    4x Raichu 51.HP
    5x Seadra d 52.HP
    7x Sharpedo d 53.HP
    6x Vibrava d 54.HP
    2x Whiscash 55.HP
    6x Wobbuffet 56.HP
    Xx Anorith d 57.HP
    6x Aron 58.HP
    Xx Baltoy 59.HP
    Xx Barboach 60.HP
    Xx Carvanha d 61.HP
    Xx Corphish 62.HP
    Xx Corphish 63.HP
    Xx Electrike 64.HP
    5x Exeggcute d 65.HP
    Xx Horsea d 66.HP
    Xx Kabuto d 67.HP
    Xx Lileep d 68.HP
    Xx Magikarp d 69.HP
    Xx Mankey d 70.HP
    Xx Meowth d 71.HP
    Xx Numel 72.HP
    Xx Oddish d 73.HP
    Xx Omanyte d 74.HP
    Xx Phanpy 75.HP
    Xx Pichu d 76.HP
    Xx Pidgey d 77.HP
    Xx Pikachu 78.HP
    Xx Pikachu d 79.HP
    Xx Poochyena 80.HP
    Xx Psyduck d 81.HP
    Xx Surskit 82.HP
    Xx Torchic 83.HP
    Xx Trapinch d 84.HP


    2x Banette 1.CG
    2x Blastoise d 2.CG
    6x Camerupt 3.CG
    4x Charizard d 4.CG
    4x Dugtrio 5.CG
    5x Ludicolo d 6.CG
    4x Luvdisc 7.CG
    3x Manectric 8.CG
    2x Mawile 9.CG
    6x Sableye 10.CG
    5x Swalot 11.CG
    2x Tauros 12.CG
    2x Wigglytuff 13.CG
    7x Blastoise 14.CG
    Xx Cacturne d 15.CG
    Xx Combusken 16.CG
    6x Dusclops 17.CG
    4x Fearow d 18.CG
    6x Grovyle d 19.CG
    4x Grumpig 20.CG
    7x Igglybuff 21.CG
    6x Kingler d 22.CG
    Xx Loudred 23.CG
    6x Marshtomp d 24.CG
    6x Medicham 25.CG
    4x Pelipper d 26.CG
    4x Swampert 27.CG
    Xx Venusaur 28.CG
    Xx Charmeleon 29.CG
    Xx Charmeleon d 30.CG
    6x Combusken 31.CG
    Xx Grovyle 32.CG
    Xx Gulpin 33.CG
    Xx Ivysaur 34.CG
    Xx Ivysaur 35.CG
    Xx Lairon 36.CG
    Xx Lombre 37.CG
    Xx Marshtomp 38.CG
    Xx Nuzleaf 39.CG
    5x Shuppet 40.CG
    Xx Skitty 41.CG
    Xx Wartortle 42.CG
    Xx Wartortle 43.CG
    Xx Aron 44.CG
    Xx Bulbasaur 45.CG
    Xx Bulbasaur 46.CG
    Xx Cacnea 47.CG
    Xx Charmander 48.CG
    Xx Charmander d 49.CG
    Xx Diglett 50.CG
    Xx Duskull 51.CG
    Xx Electrike 52.CG
    Xx Jigglypuff 53.CG
    Xx Krabby 54.CG
    Xx Lotad 55.CG
    Xx Meditite 56.CG
    Xx Mudkip 57.CG
    Xx Mudkip 58.CG
    Xx Numel 59.CG
    Xx Seedot 60.CG
    Xx Spearow 61.CG
    Xx Spoink 62.CG
    Xx Squirtle 63.CG
    Xx Squirtle 64.CG
    Xx Torchic 65.CG
    Xx Torchic 66.CG
    Xx Treecko 67.CG
    Xx Treecko d 68.CG
    Xx Whismur 69.CG
    Xx Wingull 70.CG


    3x Ampharos d 1.DF
    Xx Feraligtr d 2.DF
    6x Heracross d 3.DF
    5x Meganium d 4.D
    5x Milotic d 5.DF
    5x Nidoking d 6.DF
    4x Nidoqueen d 7.DF
    Xx Ninetales d 8.DF
    5x Pinsir d 9.DF
    6x Snorlax d 10.DF
    7x Togetic d 11.DF
    5x Typhlosion d 12.DF
    Xx Arbok d 13.DF
    Xx Cloyster d 14.DF
    Xx Dewgong d 15.DF
    7x Gligar d 16.DF
    Xx Jynx d 17.DF
    7x Ledian d 18.DF
    5x Lickitung d 19.DF
    Xx Mantine d 20.DF
    Xx Quagsire d 21.DF
    4x Seadra d 22.DF
    7x Tropius d 23.DF
    Xx Vibrava d 24.DF
    Xx Xatu d 25.DF
    Xx Bayleef d 26.DF
    Xx Croconaw d 27.DF
    Xx Dragonair d 28.DF
    Xx Electrabuzz d 29.DF
    Xx Flaaffy d 30.DF
    Xx Horsea d 31.DF
    Xx Kirlia 32.DF
    Xx Kirlia 33.DF
    Xx Nidorina d 34.DF
    Xx Nidorino d 35.DF
    Xx Quilava d 36.DF
    Xx Seadra d 37.DF
    Xx Shelgon d 38.DF
    Xx Smeargle d 39.DF
    Xx Swellow d 40.DF
    Xx Togepi d 41.DF
    Xx Vibrava d 42.DF
    Xx Bagon d 43.DF
    Xx Chikorita d 44.DF
    Xx Cyndaquil d 45.DF
    Xx Dratini d 46.DF
    Xx Ekans d 47.DF
    Xx Elekid d 48.DF
    Xx Feebas d 49.DF
    Xx Horsea d 50.DF
    Xx Larvitar 51.DF
    Xx Larvitar d 52.DF
    Xx Ledyba d 53.DF
    Xx Mareep d 54.DF
    Xx Natu d 55.DF
    Xx Nidoran f d 56.DF
    Xx Nidoran m d 57.DF
    Xx Pupitar 58.DF
    Xx Pupitar d 59.DF
    Xx Ralts 60.DF
    Xx Ralts d 61.DF
    Xx Seel d 62.DF
    Xx Shellder d 63.DF
    Xx Smoochum d 64.DF
    Xx Swablu d 65.DF
    Xx Taillow d 66.DF
    Xx Totodile d 67.DF
    Xx Trapinch d 68.DF
    Xx Trapinch d 69.DF
    Xx Vulpix d 70.DF
    Xx Wooper d 71.DF


    6x Aggron 1.PK
    3x Altaria 2.PK
    4x Armaldo 3.PK
    1x Banette 4.PK
    1x Blaziken 5.PK
    4x Charizard 6.PK
    2x Cradily 7.PK
    Xx Delcatty 8.PK
    6x Gardevoir 9.PK
    3x Kabutops 10.PK
    4x Machamp 11.PK
    2x Raichu 12.PK
    3x Slaking 13.PK
    Xx Dusclops 14.PK
    7x Lanturn 15.PK
    Xx Magneton 16.PK
    4x Mawile 17.PK
    Xx Mightyena 18.PK
    5x Ninetales 19.PK
    7x Omastar 20.PK
    5x Pichu 21.PK
    5x Sableye 22.PK
    5x Seviper 23.PK
    Xx Wobbuffet 24.PK
    5x Zangoose 25.PK
    Xx Anorith 26.PK
    Xx Cacturne 27.PK
    Xx Charmeleon 28.PK
    Xx Combusken 29.PK
    Xx Glalie 30.PK
    Xx Kirlia 31.PK
    Xx Lairon 32.PK
    Xx Machoke 33.PK
    Xx Medicham 34.PK
    Xx Metang 35.PK
    Xx Nuzleaf 36.PK
    Xx Sealeo 37.PK
    Xx Sharpedo 38.PK
    Xx Shelgon 39.PK
    Xx Vibrava 40.PK
    Xx Vigoroth 41.PK
    Xx Aron 42.PK
    Xx Bagon 43.PK
    Xx Baltoy 44.PK
    Xx Beldum 45.PK
    Xx Cacnea 46.PK
    Xx Carvanha 47.PK
    Xx Charmander 48.PK
    Xx Chinchou 49.PK
    Xx Duskull 50.PK
    Xx Kabuto 51.PK
    Xx Lileep 52.PK
    Xx Machop 53.PK
    Xx Magnemite 54.PK
    Xx Meditite 55.PK
    Xx Omanyte 56.PK
    Xx Pikachu 57.PK
    Xx Poochyena 58.PK
    Xx Ralts 59.PK
    Xx Seedot 60.PK
    Xx Shuppet 61.PK
    Xx Skitty 62.PK
    Xx Slakoth 63.PK
    Xx Snorunt 64.PK
    Xx Spheal 65.PK
    Xx Swablu 66.PK
    Xx Torchic 67.PK
    Xx Trapinch 68.PK
    Xx Vulpix 69.PK
    Xx Wynaut 70.PK

    Diamond & Pearl

    4x Dialga 1.DP
    7x Dusknoir 2.DP
    3x Electivire 3.DP
    2x Empoleon 4.DP
    3x Infernape 4.DP
    5x Lucario 6.DP
    7x Luxray 7.DP
    3x Magnezone 8.DP
    7x Manaphy 9.DP
    3x Mismagius 10.DP
    5x Palkia 11.DP
    2x Rhyperior 12.DP
    3x Roserade 13.DP
    5x Shiftry 14.DP
    5x Skuntank 15.DP
    5x Staraptor 16.DP
    2x Torterra 17.DP
    7x Azumarill 18.DP
    6x Beautifly 19.DP
    Xx Bibarel 20.DP
    Xx Carnivine 21.DP
    5x Clefable 22.DP
    7x Drapion 23.DP
    5x Drifblim 24.DP
    6x Dustox 25.DP
    Xx Floatzel 26.DP
    Xx Gengar 27.DP
    Xx Heracross 28.DP
    5x Hippowdon 29.DP
    5x Lopunny 30.DP
    6x Machamp 31.DP
    5x Medicham 32.DP
    7x Munchlax 33.DP
    4x Noctowl 34.DP
    4x Pachirisu 35.DP
    3x Purugly 36.DP
    6x Snorlax 37.DP
    6x Steelix 38.DP
    6x Vespiquen 39.DP
    5x Weavile 40.DP
    6x Wobbuffet 41.DP
    Xx Wynaut 42.DP
    Xx Budew 43.DP
    Xx Cascoon 44.DP
    Xx Cherrim 45.DP
    Xx Drifloom 46.DP
    7x Dusclops 47.DP
    Xx Elekid 48.DP
    Xx Grotle 49.DP
    Xx Haunter 50.DP
    Xx Hippopotas 51.DP
    Xx Luxio 52.DP
    Xx Machoke53.DP
    Xx Magneton 54.DP
    Xx Mantyke 55.DP
    Xx Monferno 56.DP
    Xx Nuzleaf 57.DP
    Xx Prinplup 58.DP
    Xx Rapidash 59.DP
    Xx Rhydon 60.DP
    Xx Riolu 61.DP
    Xx Seaking 62.DP
    Xx Staravia 64.DP
    Xx Unown A 65.DP
    Xx Unown B 66.DP
    Xx Unown C 67.DP
    Xx Unown D 68.DP
    Xx Azurill 69.DP
    Xx Bidoof 70.DP
    Xx Bonsly 71.DP
    Xx Buizel 72.DP
    Xx Buneary 73.DP
    Xx Chatot 74.DP
    Xx Cherubi 75.DP
    Xx Chimchar 76.DP
    Xx Clefairy 77.DP
    Xx Cleffa 78.DP
    Xx Combee 79.DP
    Xx Duskull 80.DP
    Xx Electabuzz 81.DP
    Xx Gastly 82.DP
    Xx Glameow 83.DP
    Xx Goldeen 84.DP
    Xx Hoothoot 85.DP
    Xx Machop 86.DP
    Xx Magnemite 87.DP
    Xx Marill 88.DP
    Xx Meditite 89.DP
    Xx Mime Jr. 90.DP
    Xx Misdreavus 91.DP
    Xx Onix 92.DP
    Xx Piplup 93.DP
    Xx Ponyta 94.DP
    Xx Rhyhorn 95.DP
    Xx Roselia 96.DP
    Xx Seedot 97.DP
    Xx Shinx 98.DP
    Xx Skorupi 99.DP
    Xx Sneasel 100.DP
    Xx Starly 101.DP
    Xx Stunky 102.DP
    Xx Turtwig 103.DP
    Xx Wurmple 104.DP

    Mysterious Treasures

    5x Aggron 1.MT
    5x Ambipom 3.MT
    3x Azelf 4.MT
    1x Blissey 5.MT
    2x Bronzong 6.MT
    4x Celebi 7.MT
    4x Feraligatr 8.MT
    4x Garchomp 9.MT
    3x Honchkrow 10.MT
    3x Lumineon 11.MT
    4x Magmortar 12.MT
    1x Meganium 13.MT
    3x Mesprit 14.MT
    1x Raichu 15.MT
    5x Typhlosion 16.MT
    5x Tyranitar 17.MT
    2x Uxie 18.MT
    1x Abomasnow 19.MT
    4x Ariados 20.MT
    1x Bastiodon 21.MT
    4x Chimecho 22.MT
    4x Crobat 23.MT
    6x Exeggutor 24.MT
    4x Glalie 25.MT
    4x Gyarados 26.MT
    5x Kricketune 27.MT
    5x Manectric 28.MT
    4x Mantine 29.MT
    3x Mr. Mime 30.MT
    4x Nidoqueen 31.MT
    3x Ninetales 32.MT
    4x Rampardos 33.MT
    5x Slaking 34.MT
    3x Sudowoodo 35.MT
    5x Toxicroak 36.MT
    3x Unown I 37.MT
    5x Ursaring 38.MT
    3x Walrein 39.MT
    4x Whiscash 40.MT
    Xx Bayleef 41.MT
    Xx Chingling 42.MT
    Xx Cranidos 43.MT
    Xx Croconaw 44.MT
    Xx Dewgong 45.MT
    Xx Dodrio 46.MT
    Xx Dunsparce 47.MT
    Xx Gabite 48.MT
    Xx Girafarig 49.MT
    Xx Golbat 50.MT
    Xx Graveler 51.MT
    Xx Happiny 52.MT
    Xx Lairon 53.MT
    Xx Magmar 54.MT
    Xx Masquerain 55.MT
    Xx Nidorina 56.MT
    Xx Octillery 57.MT
    Xx Parasect 58.MT
    Xx Pupitar 59.MT
    Xx Quilava 60.MT
    Xx Sandslash 61.MT
    Xx Sealeo 62.MT
    Xx Shieldon 63.MT
    Xx Tropius 64.MT
    Xx Unown E 65.MT
    Xx Unown M 66.MT
    Xx Unown T 67.MT
    Xx Vigoroth 68.MT
    Xx Abra 69.MT
    Xx Aipom 70.MT
    Xx Aron 71.MT
    Xx Barboach 72.MT
    Xx Bidoof 73.MT
    Xx Bronzor 74.MT
    Xx Buizel 75.MT
    Xx Chansey 76.MT
    Xx Chikorita 77.MT
    Xx Croagunk 78.MT
    Xx Cyndaquil 79.MT
    Xx Doduo 80.MT
    Xx Electrike 81.MT
    Xx Exeggcute 82.MT
    Xx Finneon 83.MT
    Xx Geodude 84.MT
    Xx Gible 85.MT
    Xx Kricketot 86.MT
    Xx Larvitar 87.MT
    Xx Magby 88.MT
    Xx Magikarp 89.MT
    Xx Murkrow 90.MT
    Xx Nidoran♀ 91.MT
    Xx Paras 92.MT
    Xx Pichu 93.MT
    Xx Pikachu 94.MT
    Xx Remoraid 95.MT
    Xx Sandshrew 96.MT
    Xx Seel 97.MT
    Xx Shinx 98.MT
    Xx Slakoth 99.MT
    Xx Snorunt 100.MT
    Xx Snover 101.MT
    Xx Spheal 102.MT
    Xx Spinarak 103.MT
    Xx Surskit 104.MT
    Xx Teddiursa 105.MT
    Xx Totodile 106.MT
    Xx Vulpix 107.MT
    Xx Zubat 108.MT

    Xx Bill’s Maintenance
    5x Castaway
    Xx Copycat
    5x Fossil Excavator
    Xx Island Hermit
    Xx Holon Adventurer
    Xx Holon Mentor
    Xx Mr. Stone’s Projekt
    Xx Pokémon Fan Club
    Xx Professor Birch
    Xx Professor Cozmo’s Discovery
    Xx Professor Elm’s Training Method
    Xx Professor Oak’s Research
    Xx Professor Rowan
    Xx Rival
    4x Scott
    Xx Steven’s Advice
    Xx TV Reporter

    6x Battle Frontier
    Xx Crystal Beach
    Xx Drake’s Stadium
    Xx Glacia’s Stadium
    4x Holon Circle
    Xx Holon Lake
    Xx Holon Legacy
    3x Lake Boundary
    5x Phoebe’s Stadium
    Xx Speed Stadium
    Xx Sidney’s Stadium

    Xx Buffer Piece
    Xx Cessation Crystal
    Xx Crystal Shard
    Xx Memory Berry
    Xx Mysterious Shard
    Xx Strength Charm
    Xx Plus Power

    4x Dusk Ball
    Xx Dual Ball
    Xx Great Ball
    Xx Master Ball
    Xx Poké Ball
    2x Quick Ball

    Xx Energy Removal 2
    Xx Rare Candy
    Xx Super Scoop Up
    Xx Switch
    Xx Warp Point

    Xx Double Full Heal
    Xx Energy Switch
    Xx Night Pokémon Center
    Xx Old Rod
    Xx Pokédex (handy 910is)
    Xx Pokénav

    3x Armor Fossil
    Xx Claw Fossil
    Xx Holon Fossil
    Xx Mysterious Fossil
    Xx Root Fossil
    4x Skull Fossil

    Xx Boost Energy
    Xx Cyclone Energy
    Xx Dark Energy
    5x Dark Metal Energy
    Xx Delta Rainbow Energy
    Xx Double Rainbow Energy
    Xx Heal Energy
    Xx Holon Energy FF
    Xx Holon Energy GL
    Xx Holon Energy WP
    Xx Metal Energy
    Xx Multi Energy
    Xx Scramble Energy
    Xx Warp Energy

    Xx Dark Energy
    Xx Fighting Energy
    Xx Fire Energy
    Xx Grass Energy
    Xx Lightning Energy
    Xx Metal Energy
    Xx Psychic Energy
    Xx Water Energy
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  2. pudgeon16

    pudgeon16 New Member

    I have a few of the trainers you want and a Banette.
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    This is the thread of the World Champion.

    I have 3 Absol SWs and 4 TG Mars and 4 Bebe Search.

    im interested in
    espeon star
    umbreon star

    make an offer :)
  4. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Old news here, edited.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2008
  5. yoh_kun

    yoh_kun New Member

    i have a puchirsu GE i want 3 gardevoir pk
  6. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Yoh_kun: Doesn´t look too bad, just don´t you have anything else from my wants? To make the trade at least a bit bigger. This or that, pm me.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2008
  7. yoh_kun

    yoh_kun New Member

    i have a gallade but tht well b hard to get off me

    do u have any other gardevoirs exsept pk??(looking 4 2 emerald and 1 sandstorm)
  8. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Nop, unfortunately not, so quess that´ll have to go just like that. If possible though, lets make it quick, i need that pachi next saturday.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2008

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    Hey, I live in England so the post has a chance of being with you on time.

    I have:
    1x Gardy
    1x Gallade

    I want:
    2xQuick Ball
    1x Windstorm
    2x Team Galactics Wager
  10. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Good trainer needs make always trades problematic^^

    I´m afraid i will only be able to do 2 quick ball&1 windstorm, though i´m lacing those a bit too, but i´m almost out on wagers, so that won´t go. Is there absolutely nothing on the list that could replace those 2 tgw's?

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    No, TGW's quick balls and Windstorms are all I'm really after. There's definately no way you're trading them?
  12. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Quess i was a bit confusing...

    Quick balls&windstorms i can trade, though some are decked

    TGW:s are not just decked, but in need also, so i can´t really trade those. So if you can find any kind of replacement for those two, we could work something out.
  13. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Hey Tom, I have a spare Gallade and 2 Rossane. Would you do those for your Magmortar LVX? LMK Thanks!
  14. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    twinkle: i´d lose pretty much in that trade, will pass.
  15. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    i have 2 roseannes, one RH, one gallde SW, and one blissey, i want Vire X, lmk if u have any GE, if u have tangrowth and or sceptile i will trade for those
  16. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    ajax: pm sent

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    KK. Oh well. Good luck at your states anyway!!
  18. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Great thanks to traders here, getting all the listed stuff in time!

    Still in need my wants for future fights though^^

    2 Magmortar SW's have found their way to want list!
  19. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    Hey Tom, what about this. My 2 Magmortar (1 AH) for 2 Garchomp?
  20. Blueblue

    Blueblue New Member

    Twinkle:pm sent

    Topic updated.
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