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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Bullet, Dec 23, 2007.

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    ok its quite simply, ive done this about 300 times in the past 8 years. So lets keep it simple.

    Yes I been away from this game so long I dont even know what sets any of these are from, so ill just post the numbers.


    Rare Stuff

    Gardevoir EX (93/101)
    Celebi EX (17/17) (Promo I guess?)
    Absol EX (92/108)
    Shiny Charizard (100/101)
    Shiny Regirock (91/92)


    Team Aqua's Sharpedo (5/95)
    Claydol (2/101)
    Beedrill (1/112)
    Banette X3 (4/108)
    Gardevoir (9/108)
    Dark Hypno (6/109)
    Nidoking (8/112)
    Mightyena (10/109) E-Reader type set
    Team Aqua's Crawdaunt (2/95)
    Pinsir (13/101)
    Lapras (Legend Maker) Is all holos from this set gold looking?
    Muk (11/92)
    Heracross (7/101)
    Venomoth (Legend Maker)
    Dark Houndoom (5/109)
    Pidgeot (10/112)
    Electrode (5/101)
    Kingdra (12/109)
    Walrein (15/101)
    Dark Crobat (3/109)
    Charizard (6/108)

    Reverse Holos

    Bulbasaur (45/100)
    Dark Electrode (4/109)
    Manectric (8/100)
    Pidgeotto (49/110)
    Fire Energy (106/110)
    Zubat (83/101)
    Wobuffet (47/109)
    Nidoking (8/112)
    Magneton X2 (27/112)
    Life Herb *Trainer* (93/112)
    Mareep (67/109)
    Dark Steelix (10/109)
    Spearow (81/112)
    Whismur (82/101)
    Persian (44/112)
    Shellder (29/112)
    Metang (43/101)
    Golbar (36/101)
    Krabby (66/112)
    Meditite (65/101)
    Charmander (58/112)
    Loudred (39/101)
    Rhydon (46/101)
    Totodile (79/101)
    Exeggutor (5/112)
    Castform (30/101)
    Oran Berry *Trainer* (85/109)
    Pichu (Power Keepers)
    Rapidash (Delta Species)
    Meditite (Power keepers)
    Psychic Energy (107/108)
    Clamperl (58/101)
    Gyarados (8/110)
    Venomoth (49/112)
    Island Cave *Trainer* (89/101)
    Tailow (EX Deoxy's)
    Xatu (EX Deoxy's)
    Magmar (EX Team Rocket Returns)
    Dark Sandslash (EX Team Rocket Returns)
    Medicham (42/101)
    Staryu (EX Deoxys)
    Low Pressure System *Trainer* (86/97)
    Team Magma Ball *Trainer* (80/95)
    Dark Araidos (EX Team Rocket Returns)
    Team Aqua Ball (75/95)
    Banette (EX Crystal Guardians)
    Rockets Admin *Trainer* (EX Team Rocket Returns)
    Root Fossil HP40 *Trainer* (EX Power Keepers)
    Altaria (EX Power Keepers)
    Treecko (EX Crystal Guardians)
    Deoxys (Delta Species)(5/110)
    Machop (EX Power Keepers)
    Lileep (EX power Keepers)
    Medicham (EX Power keepers)
    Ninetales (EX power keepers)
    Aron (EX Crystal Guardians)
    Grimer (EX Team Rocket Returns)


    Mew (DVD Movie Lucario and Mystery of Mew) (111/110)
    Mudkip (Black Star Promo 018)
    Groudon EX & Kyogre EX (NP Black Star Promo 001 and 002)
    Jirachi (DVD Movie Black Star Promo 021)
    Latios and Latias (NP Black Star Promo 014 and 015)
    Latias (4/10) Deck Promo?
    Teecko (Black Star Promo 016)
    Turtwig (103/130) Came from TIN
    Chimchar (76/130) Came from TIN

    Old School Wizards of the Coast

    Almost all Black Star Promos (Please Ask for Availability)
    Almost all cards from all sets.
    Misc non Black Star Promos like E3 Pikachu and such (Ask for Availability)

    Japanese Promos Old school

    Pikachu (Holo McDonalds 010/018)
    Pikachu and Larvitar (ANA Promo sets 004/p and 005/p)(JPN Black Star Promos)
    Flying Pikachu (Coro Coro Comics)
    Birthday Pikachu (Calendar Promo)
    Surfing Pikachu (Coro Coro Comics)
    Lily Pad Mew (Glossy Promo)
    ANA Flying Pikachu and ANA Flying Dragonite (ANA Promo set)
    ANA Moltres and Zapdos (ANA PRomo Set)
    Mewtwo (With Weird Symbols on its leg)?????????????????
    Pichu Brothers (5th movie Promo Black Star 028/p) **SEALED**
    Suicune (4th movie Promo)
    alot of other minor promos just ask for availability


    Japanese Promos
    Anything new and EX's.

    Make me some offers.
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