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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by duanojo, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    Derek (Farbsman) Farber and I are interested in setting up a City Championship in Winamac, Indiana, but we want to know if we'd be able to draw enough players to make it viable.

    Does anyone know if there are other City Championships planned for Indiana (other than the one Derek will do in LaGrange)? Winamac is located about 90 miles north of Indianapolis and about 50 miles southeast of Valparaiso. We'd like to do the Championship at the end of February or some day in March.

    Let me know if you'd be willing to travel to Winamac to participate. Derek is one of the best TO's out there, and you are guaranteed a well-run and fun tournament if he's involved.
  2. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

  3. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

    Is there anyone interested in this?
  4. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    I kinda am, but I'm not in Indiana, I'm in Ohio.. is that a problem? Also... it is sorta far away from me, it's like 3 hours, but I *might* try and make it.

    BANGINBOX New Member

    I would be interested. i can also bring with me 7 people for sure. the only problem is i cant guarentee that our city championship wont be held on the same day. we are trying to hit as many tourneys as possible during that 6-7 week stretch. if it is not on the same weekend as some of the ones closer to chicago then we'll be there. email me with info.

  6. duanojo

    duanojo New Member

  7. sitratis

    sitratis New Member

    duanojo, hey i live in indianapolis and am intersested an any pokemon tournaments or events that i can get into. If you have any yourself or have info on others in indiana please tell me! Maybe just a couple of good relaible websites with events in the state if you have any. I dont really know how to get into the aspect of organized play but I want to very much. Thank you.
  8. Snowball21

    Snowball21 New Member

    You do realize this post was about last seasons group of CC's. You can still go to that site to find out more about Indiana/Michigan CC locations for this season though.

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