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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by tys_trainer, May 29, 2012.

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  1. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    1. I will ship via first class mail, in a white envelope and in a top loader.
    2. Most of my cards are in near mint condition, I expect the same or better of the cards I receive unless otherwise agreed.
    3. If the card(s) are not English, you must let me know before we begin negotiating.
    4. I do not accept jumbo cards, world championship deck cards, or fake cards.
    5. I reserve the option to back out until addresses have been exchanged.
    6 I use Troll and Toad prices to weigh trades, though I will occasionally deviate based on my need.
    7. Please do not ask me to look at averaged prices, it's more trouble than its worth, and relative to who's choosing how far back to go.
    8. If you don't see something on my list, please let me know and I'll check my collection for it.
    9. I will not ship international unless the value of the card(s) being traded to me exceeds $8.00.
    10. Cards requested on my instant offer must be mint.
    11. All other gym rules apply.
    12. Users I will not trade with: reis17; zubat; vanilluxe frost; sora.
    *Thank you for visiting my thread, and happy trading!


    Magikarp x1
    Kadabra x1
    Haunter (1st Ed.) x2
    Diglett x3
    Weedle x3
    Nidoran x3
    Machop x5
    Nidorino (male) x1
    Metapod x1
    Magmar x1
    Charmander x4
    Vulpix x2
    Charmeleon x1
    Staryu x4
    Dewgong x1
    Machoke x2
    Ponyta x5
    Starmie x1
    Poliwrath x1

    -Houndoom/Tyranitar/Scizor Deckbox
    -Pre-Release Arceus Sleeves
    -Nintendo DS screen cloth, B&W Pokemon
    -2011 World's Black Gift Bag
    -Houndoom Iron-On Patch
    -Charizard/Bellsprout Iron-On Patch
    -Raichu Iron-On Patch
    -Larvitar/Croconaw Iron-On Patch
    -Cyndaquil Iron-On Patch
    -Tepig Iron-On Patch
    -Nintendo DSi Pokemon League Stick-Ons (x4 different gym leaders)
    -Oshowatt Nintendo DS Stylus
    -Inflatable Pokeball

    One of each non-ultra rare

    -Next Destinies full set without EX's or Shinies.

    -13/101 Virizion RH
    -60/101 Chandelure (RH x4)

    -94/101 Rocky Helmet RH
    -95/98 Pokemon Catcher (x2)

    -113/114 Reshiram (x3)

    -BW29 Victory Cup (3rd)


    -96/102 Magnezone Prime (x2)
    -98/102 Yanmega Prime

    -24/90 Vileplume
    -81/90 Espeon Prime
    -82/90 Houndoom Prime (x2)
    -85/90 Slowking Prime (x2)
    -86/90 Umbreon Prime (x2)
    -87/90 Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND
    -88/90 Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND
    -89/90 Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND
    -90/90 Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND

    -89/95 Ursaring Prime

    -97/123 Pokemon Collector (x2 NH/x1 Rewards)
    -105/123 Ampharos Prime (x2)
    -106/123 Blissey Prime (x3)
    -109/123 Meganium Prime
    -111/123 Ho-oh LEGEND

    -SH4 Lotad (damaged)
    -SH7 Milotic
    -SH8 Relicanth
    -SH10 Bagon
    -SH11 Ponyta
    -Shining Magikarp (1st ed)
    -110/105 Shining Noctowl (1st ed)
    -Reshiram EX promo (x2)
    -Charizard jpn Neo 2 promo
    -Dodrio (x2)
    -DCE ND RH
    -037 Kyogre ex
    -94/106 Dusclops ex
    -98/101 Hitmonchan ex
    -92/106 Camerupt ex (Portuguese)
    -95/106 Medicham ex (Portuguese)
    -106/115 Meganium ex (Portuguese)
    -145/146 Rhyperior Lv. X (miscut)
    -98/100 Machamp Lv. X


    -Unlimited Edition Neo Holos/Rares (especially Neo Destiny)
    -First Edition Neo Shinings (other than Magikarp and Noctowl)
    -Coro Coro Shining Mew
    -113/115 Entei*
    -107/107 Rayquaza*
    -17/17 Umbreon*
    -107/109 Mudkip*
    -108/109 Torchic*
    -111/113 Groudon*
    -112/113 Kyogre*
    -113/113 Metagross*
    -101/108 Jolteon*
    -100/100 Celebi*
    -91/92 Regirock*
    -90/92 Regice*
    -106/107 Latios*
    -105/107 Latias*
    -102/110 Gyarados*
    -103/110 Mewtwo*
    -104/110 Pikachu*
    -148/147 Kingdra
    -149/147 Lugia
    -145/144 Celebi
    -146/144 Charizard
    -147/144 Crobat
    -149/144 Ho-oh
    -150/144 Kabutops

    -28 Championship Arena
    -033/P Mew Japanese McDonald's Promo
    -54/99 Mewtwo EX
    -94/99 Shaymin EX
    -96/99 Kyurem EX
    -98/99 Mewtwo EX
    -99/109 Lapras ex
    -100/109 Magmar ex
    -101/109 Mewtwo x
    -94/100 Aerodactyl ex
    -95/100 Aggron ex
    -96/100 Gardevoir ex
    -97/100 Kabutops ex
    -98/100 Raichu ex
    -99/100 Typhlosion ex
    -100/100 Wailord ex
    -89/97 Ampharos ex
    -90/97 Dragonite ex
    -93/97 Latias ex
    -95/97 Magcargo ex
    -97/97 Rayquaza ex
    -90/95 Cradily ex
    -91/95 Entei ex
    -93/95 Sceptile ex
    -95/95 Swampert ex
    -93/101 Groudon ex
    -94/101 Kyogre ex
    -95/101 Metagross ex
    -96/101 Ninetales ex
    -98/101 Regirock ex
    -99/101 Registeel ex
    -100/101 Vileplume ex
    -101/101 Wigglytuff ex
    -104/112 Blastoise ex
    -105/112 Charizard ex
    -109/112 Gyarados ex
    -114/112 Articuno ex
    -115/112 Moltres ex
    -116 /112 Zapdos ex
    -96/109 Rocket's Articuno ex
    -97/109 Rocket's Entei ex
    -98/109 Rocket's Hitmonchan ex
    -99/109 Rocket's Mewtwo ex
    -100/109 Rocket's Moltres ex
    -102/109 Rocket's Scyther ex
    -103/109 Rocket's Sneasel ex
    -104/109 Rocket's Snorlax ex
    -106/109 Rocket's Zapdos ex
    -100/107 Hariyama ex
    -101/107 Manectric ex
    -102/107 Rayquaza ex
    -103/107 Salamence ex
    -104/107 Sharpedo ex
    -108/107 Rocket's Raikou ex
    -90/106 Altaria ex
    -91/106 Cacturne ex
    -92/106 Camerupt ex
    -95/106 Medicham ex
    -97/106 Raichu ex
    -98/106 Regice ex
    -99/106 Regirock ex
    -101/115 Blissey ex
    -102/115 Espeon ex
    -104/115 Ho-Oh ex
    -105/115 Lugia ex
    -107/115 Politoed ex
    -110/115 Typhlosion ex
    -111/115 Tyranitar ex
    -112/115 Umbreon ex
    -117/115 Celebi ex
    -109/113 Jolteon ex
    -110/113 Vaporeon ex
    -84/92 Armaldo ex
    -86/92 Dustox ex
    -87/92 Flygon ex
    -99/110 Crawdaunt ex
    -91/100 Delcatty ex
    -92/100 Exploud ex
    -93/100 Groudon ex
    -94/100 Jirachi ex
    -95/100 Kyogre ex
    -98/100 Swampert ex
    -91/101 Dragonite ex
    -92/101 Flygon ex
    -97/101 Rayquaza ex
    -99/101 Tyranitar ex
    -92/108 Absol ex
    -93/108 Claydol ex
    -94/108 Flygon ex
    -96/108 Salamence ex

    -Metal Pokemon Coins
    -Full Set of Kanto and Johto League Badges.
    -1st Edition Base Set holos
    -96/95 Absol
    -97/95 Jirachi
    -110/109 Charmeleon
    -103/100 Charizard
    -113//111 Flying Pikachu
    -SL 1 Deoxys
    -SL 2 Dialga
    -SL 5 Ho-oh
    -SL 11 Suicune

    1/82 Dark Alakazam
    2/82 Dark Arbok
    3/82 Dark Blasatoise
    4/82 Dark Charizard
    5/82 Dark Dragonite
    6/82 Dark Dugtrio
    7/82 Dark Golbat
    8/82 Dark Gyarados
    9/82 Dark Hypno
    10/82 Dark Machamp
    11/82 Dark Magneton
    12/82 Dark Slowbro
    13/82 Dark Vileplume
    14/82 Dark Weezing
    15/82 Here Comes Team Rocket!
    16/82 Rocket’s Sneak Attack
    17/82 Rainbow Energy
    18/82 Dark Alakazam
    19/82 Dark Arbok
    20/82 Dark Blastoise
    22/82 Dark Dragonite
    23/82 Dark Dugtrio
    24/82 Dark Golbat
    25/82 Dark Gyarados
    26/82 Dark Hypno
    27/82 Dark Machamp
    28/82 Dark Magneton
    29/82 Dark Slowbro
    30/82 Dark Vilplume
    31/82 Dark Weezing
    71/82 Here Comes Team Rocket!
    72/82 Rocket’s Sneak Attack
    73/82 The Boss’s Way
    74/82 Challenge!
    75/82 Digger
    76/82 Imposter Oak’s Revenge
    77/82 Nightly Garbage Run
    78/82 Goop Gas Attack
    79/82 Sleep!
    80/82 Rainbow Energy
    81/82 Full Heal Energy
    82/82 Potion Energy

    8/64 Pidgeot
    12/64 Vaporeon
    19/64 Flareon
    20/64 Jolteon
    23/64 Nidoqueen
    26/64 Scyther
    27/64 Snorlax

    3/62 Ditto
    4/62 Dragonite
    9/62 Kabutops
    19/62 Dragonite
    24/62 Kabutops
    58/62 Mr. Fuji
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  2. Daelum

    Daelum New Member

    I Want:
    -Inflatable Pokeball <--- How big is it?
    -Tepig Iron-On Patch
    -34/101 Kyurem
    -96/102 Magnezone Prime (x1)
    -98/102 Yanmega Prime
    -86/90 Umbreon Prime (x1)
    -87/90 Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND
    -88/90 Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND
    -90/90 Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND
    -Shining Magikarp (1st ed)
    -110/105 Shining Noctowl (1st ed)

    I Have:
    -92/100 Exploud ex
    -94/108 Flygon ex (x2)
    26/64 Scyther
    14/82 Dark Weezing
    81/82 Full Heal Energy
    82/82 Potion Energy
    76/82 Imposter Oak’s Revenge
    I'm sure I have most of the Team Rocket cards you want, as well as the Jungle & Fossil, it's just that I'm not in the position to search for them now, but I will get back to you.
    CML for Damaged/Used Shining/Gold Star cards
  3. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    I am interested in these gold star cards cards: Jolteon, Kyogre, Regirock, Rayquaza, Latios. Especially Rayquaza, what's the condition? Can you make an offer with any of these? The pokeball is 6-8 inches.
    Last edited: May 29, 2012
  4. fizzycat

    fizzycat New Member

    heya, I like:

    shining noctown 1st edition.

    I have:

    ho-oh neo revelation holo
    -103/110 Mewtwo* (ex, perfect apart from the faintest crease that only shows up on the back)
    -104/110 Pikachu* (edgewear)
    -149/147 Lugia (creased)
    -100/109 Magmar ex
    -96/100 gardevoir ex
    -97/100 Kabutops ex
    -106/109 Rocket's Zapdos ex
    -101/115 Blissey ex
    -92/108 Absol ex

    8/64 Pidgeot
    12/64 Vaporeon
    19/64 Flareon
    20/64 Jolteon
    23/64 Nidoqueen
    26/64 Scyther
    27/64 Snorlax

    -dark golbat holo
    12/82 Dark Slowbro
    13/82 Dark Vileplume
    14/82 Dark Weezing
    maybe more, will add later

    lmk if we can work something out!
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  5. Metspride129

    Metspride129 New Member

    hey man, can't really follow your wants list...could you cml for

    Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND BOTTOM
  6. flygon_frank_66

    flygon_frank_66 New Member

    Please CML for all Shadowless Base Set cards.
    Do they show any wear, whitening, or damage?
  7. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    I would like to get 103/110 Mewtwo* and/or 104/110 Pikachu*. Make an offer?

    ---------- Post added 05/29/2012 at 10:16 AM ----------

    Did really see anything. Sorry.
  8. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Are your Shining Noctowl and Shining Magikarp in NM to M condition?
  9. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    There is no damage that I can see. If there are any dings, they are not visible under indoor lighting. Unfortunately, though, I did not see anything on your list that I was looking for.

    ---------- Post added 05/29/2012 at 10:20 AM ----------

    Magikarp is in that range, and the noctowl has minor edge wear.
  10. Vulpix Yolk

    Vulpix Yolk New Member

    Could you CML for your Shining Magikarp? I have Shaymin EX for trade, along with some other stuff from your wants.
  11. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    Didn't see anything I really want. Sorry.
  12. fizzycat

    fizzycat New Member

    how about:

    mewtwo *
    absol ex
    your choice of 4 jungle holos

    shining noctowl 1st (how bad is the edgewear?)

    lmk or counter
  13. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    It looks like you have two mewtwo*... is the other one in better condition? I am set on nearly all of the jungle holos, but do you have any neo holo rares?
  14. fizzycat

    fizzycat New Member

    ah I just traded the NM mewtwo star away, sorry. Need to take it off of the list.

    apart from ho-oh neo revelations I have meganium 10/111 from neo genesis
  15. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    How bad is the pikachu* and lugia crystal type? I might be willing part with the noctowl for the mewtwo* and one of those two. Thanks.

    Edit: Also, I checked on the noctowl's condition. I was mistaken about the edgewear. (I confused the first edition, with my unl copy). My first edition shining noctowl is near mint.
  16. fizzycat

    fizzycat New Member

    ah okay :) The lugia has a horizontal crease that goes through a third of the card but is otherwise great.

    i could do mewtwo *, lugia crystal and some jungle holos?
  17. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    I only have two jungle holos on my wants list, and I may be getting those from a friend. =/ How about my first edition shining noctowl and a rev ultra ball for your mewtwo* and pikachu*?
  18. fizzycat

    fizzycat New Member

    I can easily sell pika * in the condition its in for just under the price of a 1st noctowl so I'm kinda weary on doing that trade, sorry.
  19. tys_trainer

    tys_trainer New Member

    Do you see anything else on my list, which I could add in?

    Edit: How about my first edition shining noctowl and rev ultra ball for your Mewtwo*, Lugia (crystal type), 96/100 gardevoir ex, and 106/109 Rocket's Zapdos ex?
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