Colorado OP News: Upcoming Tournaments

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    Tournaments at Dale'z
    Modified Constructed 11/22/03 9 am
    Dale'z Kards 'N Komics
    (719) 528-5959
    4341 N. Academy Blvd.
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Sanctioned: Yes
    Head Judge: Steve Perucca
    Entry Fee: $5

    Touranments at Sports Cards Etc.
    Unlimited 2-on-2 Constructed 12/06/03 11 am
    Sports Cards Etc.
    (303) 707-1127
    151 w. Mineral Ave #104
    Littleton, CO
    Sanctioned: Yes
    Head Judge: Craig Simpson (that's me)
    Entry Fee: $5

    Tournaments at Marshak's House of Fantasy
    Unlimited 2-on-2 Constructed 12/07/03 12 pm
    Marshak's House of Fantasy
    (970) 224-3599
    256 linden St
    Fort Collins, CO.
    Sanctioned: Yes
    Head Judge: Craig Simpson
    Entry Fee: free

    Also note that for the Dale'z Tournament it has been decided that they will permit the use of EX: Dragons cards in player's decks (due to the fact that the set will not be released yet).
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