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    I have a few questions about self attacking. I'll give some background info first.

    The compendium details a ruling that if a pokemon deals damage to itself as part of an attack, and it has a weakness to it's own type then it would recieve double damage as the damage is considered to have come from an opposong pokemon (the example given was a weakness converted electebuzz by a porygon).

    To that end, will eviolite reduce some of the damage incurred in this way (ie eviolite attached to a Reshiram-ex after a tails flip for Brave Fire)?
    In the example of confusion, if the pokemon has a weakness to its own type (ie dragon or psychic) will the damage be doubled, and again will eviolite reduce the damage?

    THanks in advance for any replies.

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    Well, the first thing to note is that you are quoting a ruling from the original Compendium.
    The Compendium that should be used now is the Compendium-BW
    That ruling was made way back in 1999 (or thereabouts) when some of the rules were different than they are now.
    For example, back then, a failed Confusion flip did 20 damage.
    It no longer does. Many years ago, Confusion was changed so that a failed attack flip now places 3 damage counters.

    And that makes all the difference. Placing damage counters is not the same as doing damage. It is not affected by Weakness and resistance, or by Eviolite.

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