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Discussion in 'Trading Figure Game' started by Idontknow22, Dec 29, 2007.

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  1. Idontknow22

    Idontknow22 New Member

    Went to Target today and found some very different 3 packs. they had crystal figures in the place of turtwig, piplup, and chimchar. I can't remember all the crystals they had so I may be a little wrong. For sure they had Absol, Groudon, Murkrow, and Lugia. I though I saw a Salamence and an Eevee also, although not sure on those. They also packed in scyther into the visible regular spot in a few of them although that was the only new visible regular one. Crystals are numbered exactly the same as regular ones.
  2. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    Should've taken pictures.
    This is intriguing.
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Twas out in Australia for over a year and a bit :)
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Interesting. Are they packaged exactly the same as the US packaging? So they're not imports?
  5. Idontknow22

    Idontknow22 New Member

    Nope, these are all American. Same packaging as the American three pack exactly. 1 special figure 1 visible set figure and 1 hidden secret figure. I can't find a difference in package at all. All figures with the spinner bases as well. No rarity markers on any of the figures including the specials. Looks like a newer packaging run. Too early yet to tell if it is exclusive to Target stores, but they are the only ones I have seen or heard of them in yet. I am guessing that it wont be exclusive to target and other stores will see them soon.
  6. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    There are pictures on Pokebeach now.
  7. Archaic

    Archaic New Member

    It's a pity that his info has some glaring errors.

    I'd expect most people here to know this, but the original test run was in Australia, not Europe, and the crystal and pearl (not cream) coloured figures were only of a limited number of Pokémon and Trainers in the set, not of all of them.
  8. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    We found some at our Target today too. We have been there so often this past week and never checked the Next Quest packages since we are waiting for Groundbreakers. Anyhow, we found 6 different crystal figures - Absol, Eevee, Groudon, Lugia, Meowth, and Murkrow. Does anyone have any idea how many will be released in crystal form? How many were in the Australian release?

    The packaging is exactly the same as the 3-pack that originally came with the special D/P starter. I do not see any Target Exclusive marking on the package but the shelf sticker did say 'Pokemon Toy Target.'

    Here are some pics -> 2 figs
  9. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

    Scyther is a visible figure?!
  10. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    Yes, that seems to be another change and there were many Scythers. We did not notice any other figs that we thought were only hidden before but maybe someone else has seen some.
  11. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    We found these at our Target too.
  12. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra New Member

    I need to get to target!
  13. Archaic

    Archaic New Member

    Now this is interesting....

    The Australian release had 6 crystal figures. Basically just the first six in the set by number. Charizard, Feraligatr, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Kyogre and Lugia. Additionally, there were 10 pearl figures. Abra, Absol, Dratini, Eevee, Meowth, Murkrow, Salamence, Skarmory, Brock and Misty. You seem to be getting crystal versions of figures we got in pearl form.
  14. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    Yes, I researched this on your site yesterday and noticed the same thing. I could not get the pic of the Pearl Misty to display for me though so I still do not know how different the Pearls are from the Crystals. All six of the figs that we found appear crystal to me but maybe I have a pearl and just do not realize it. I only let my boys open 2 yesterday since it is only a week past Christmas but I may raid another today for closer examination.

    Has anyone found other crystal figs or found them somewhere other than Target? BTW, I forgot to mention that the 3-fig boosters with the crystal figs were $9.99.
  15. Hagrid23

    Hagrid23 New Member

    They were spotted at a Walmart in Georgia. One of the junior players had a crystal Murkrow on Saturday (definately not Pearl).
  16. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra New Member

    I got my EEVEE!
    BTW at the Target I went to all but, one of the packs had been opened,broken,or a figure was missing.
  17. Archaic

    Archaic New Member

    Pearl figures are a milky white, like real pearls. Crystal figures appear the same colour as...well....your standard crystal bowls and glasses. Putting them side by side, the difference is very obvious. If all your figures appear similar, then you've all got crystals from the sounds of things.
  18. Skitty

    Skitty New Member

    After searching 5 Targets a few weeks ago, I have found 9 differant Crystal figures. They are:


    Does anyone know if thats all of them? I can post pictures of them if anyone wants to see them.
  19. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    Oh no, we only have 7 of those. I've got to find a Charizard. Guess I will be checking my Targets again. I still have not seen any official information on this. I had the owner of our FLGS check to see if he could order any but he did not have any new options for Next Quest. So it could be a Target exclusive or, unlikely, all the new Next Quest shipments will contain crystals. Maybe that is a way to tide us over until Ground Breaker boosters finally arrive. :smile:
  20. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Picked up a crystal Charizard.
    Can't go wrong with Charizard.

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