Disable/ Amnesia vs Memory Berry/ Lvl X

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    Leveling Up vs Disable

    When using Disable or Amnesia style attacks, if a Pokemon Levels Up, does Disable and Amnesia get removed?? (IMHO, yes it does as status conditions are removed and this is a similar situation.)

    Adversely, If a Pokemon is Leveled Up, isn’t it true that you can Disable / Amnesia the previous levels attack(s)? (ie. Gardy Lv. X in play and you Disable/ Amnesia Psylock form Gardevoir.)

    If the second is true on the ability to Disable/ Amnesia the previous attack, if a Pokemon has Memory Berry attached, would it be possible to Disable/ Amnesia the Basic and/or Stage 1 attacks since Memory Berry allows those attacks to be “visible” by the Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon while it is “in Play”? ( Memory Berry: The Pokemon this card is attached to can use any attack from its Basic or Stage 1 evolution card.)

    ~Prof. Fish~

    Thanks POP!! Settled a few discussions for me on this!! Will try to find some more obscure cards for you next time!! Happy Holidays!
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    Leveling Up removes all effects, including these.

    You can. They are considered still in play and therefore valid targets.

    In this case no. While the Tool gives the Pokemon it is attached to access to the prior attacks, the lower Stage card is not visible to the attacking Pokemon.

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