Discarding energy requirements for copied attacks

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    I'm hoping to better understand the logic between two rulings in the compendium.

    Two rulings from the Compendium:

    ========= 1 =========
    - If a PokeĢmon attack copies another attack that says "discard all [X] Energy", then you must be able to discard at least one energy card of that type in order to use that effect or attack requirement. (Mar 15, 2007 PUI Rules Team)

    ========= 2 =========
    Q. If Zoroark uses "Foul Play" to copy Reshiram's "Blue Flare" attack, what happens if I don't have have any Fire Energy attached to Zoroark?
    A. The damage amount is done regardless of whether Zororark has any Fire Energy attached to it or not, but if you have one or two Fire Energy attached to Zoroark you must discard them. (Black & White FAQ; Apr 28, 2011 PUI Rules Team)

    ========= Question =========
    So for example, if Zorark's Foul Play was to attempt to copy Genesect's "Breaker Bazooka" (Discard all {G} Energy attached to this Pokemon), he would need at least one grass energy, but from Reshiram "Blue Flare" (Discard 2 {R} Energy attached to this Pokemon), having no fire energy is fine. The only difference here is the [all] vs [2]. Why is the [all] and [#] treated differently?
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    Because they are.

    Sorry, but we don't get to discuss things in this level of detail with the Game Designers in Japan.

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