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  1. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Because I am a diehard classic Sonic fan.

    So we're making this set together, me and anyopne else here who played the old games ._. I don't know how many that will be, if any.

    Anyway, the 5 cards that have the best ideas and concepts or attack powers bodies and effects will be chosen by me and made into actual graphic cards. The best will be printed as a jumbo card and mailed to the creator :p

    http://supakhaos.deviantart.com/ <--Proof I don't suck at arts.

    You can make up to ten per person, but no more than 2 lvl x per person. And ask me to claim one.

    Oh and here http://eggmanempire.sonicworld.net/badnikencyclopedia.php List of Badniks for those of you not savvy with all of them.

    The five cards I'm doibg will be marked with [SK]. The ones other are doing will be marked with [T]. All others are free.

    1 Hyper Sonic
    2 Hyper Knuckles
    3 Super Tails
    4 Final Egg
    5 Hyper Mecha Sonic [SK]
    6 Mega Metal Sonic
    7 Metal Sonic
    8 Nack the Weasel [SK]
    9 Super Sonic
    10 Super Knuckles
    11 Tails
    12 Sonic
    13 Knuckles
    14 Espio
    15 Vector
    16 Mighty
    17 Mecha Sonic
    18 Charmy
    19 Dr. Robotnik
    20 Dr. Robotnik
    21 Dr. Robotnik
    22 EggRobo [SK]
    23 Silver Sonic
    24 Rosy the Rascal
    25 Tiara Boobowski
    26 Bean the Dynamite
    27 Bark the Polar Bear
    28 Heavy
    29 Bomb
    30 Tails Doll
    31 Doppelganger(fake animal capsule)
    32 Mecha Knuckles
    33 Caterkiller
    34 Buzzbomber
    35 Motobug
    36 Batbrain
    37 Crabmeat
    38 Burrobot
    39 Chopper
    40 Nebula[Sonic 1]
    41 Roller
    43 Buzzer
    44 Crawl
    45 Coconuts
    46 Grounder
    47 Chop Chop
    48 Clucker
    49 Balkiry
    50 Aquis
    51 Asternon
    52 Crawlton
    53 Octus
    54 Shell Cracker
    55 Turtloid
    56 Rhinobot
    57 Caterkiller Jr.
    58 Jawz
    59 Blastoid
    60 Mega Chopper
    61 Spiker
    62 Bubbles
    63 Tunnelbot
    64 Turbo Spiker
    65 Batbot
    66 Clamer
    67 Star Pointer
    68 Penguinator
    69 Orbinaut
    70 Snail Blaster
    71 Mushmeanie
    72 Technosqueak
    73 Madmole
    74 Ribot
    75 Rexon
    76 Skorp
    77 Corkey
    78 Blaster
    79 Bloominator
    80 Cluckoid
    81 Sandworm
    82 Toxomister
    83 EggRobo(soldier model)
    84 Spikebonker
    85 Chainspike
    86 Master Emerald[Pokemon Tool]
    87 Eggmobile[Pokemon Tool]
    88 Power Rings[Pokemon Tool]
    89 Star Post [Trainer]
    90 Warp Ring [Trainer]
    91 Chaos Emeralds [Trainer]
    92 Spring [Trainer]
    93 Green Hill Zone [Stadium]
    94 Scrap Brain Zone [Stadium]
    95 Casino Night Zone [Stadium]
    96 Wing Fortess Zone [Stadium]
    97 Angel Island [Stadium]
    98 Hidden Palace Zone [Stadium]
    99 Sky Sanctuary Zone [Stadium]
    100 Death Egg Zone [Stadium]
    101 Chaos Energy
    102 Ring Energy
    103 Robotnik's Assault [Supporter]
    104 Knuckles's Trap[Supporter]
    105 Tails's Assistance[Supporter]
    106 Rosy's Tears[Supporter]
    107 EggRobo's Deception[Supporter]
    108 Mecha Sonic's Betrayal[Supporter]
    109 Metal Sonic-Race![Supporter]
    110 Hyper Sonic Lv. X
    111 Super Tails Lv. X
    112 Hyper Knuckles Lv. X
    113 Final Egg Lv. X
    114 Hyper Mecha Sonic LV. X
    115 Metal Sonic Lv. X
    116 Dr. Robotnik Lv. X

    Secret Rares

    117 Ray
    118 EggRobo Lv. X [SK]
    119 Super Emeralds [Trainer]
    120 Angel Island Rising [Trainer] [SK]

    Hope some people help out!
  2. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Anyone? If not I'll do the set myself :p
  3. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Well, if I tried to help, I'd probably mess everything up, because I don't play Sonic.
  4. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Never even played old sonic?

    Rosy's Tears[Supporter]

    Remove 6 damage counters and all Special Conditions from 1 of your Pokemon.

    Metal Sonic-Race![Supporter]

    During your opponent’s next turn, they may draw up to 2 cards. If they do, you may draw up to 5 cards.

    Death Egg Zone [Stadium]

    Increase damage done by [M] type Pokemon by 10.

    Warp Ring [Trainer]

    You may shuffle 1 Pokemon from you hand into your deck. If you do, search your deck for 1 Pokemon and put it in your hand.
  5. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    My first game system was N64. My first portable was SP. I've never had a Sonic game.

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