Dragon King Rocket Returns PreRelease - November 6th !

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    Dragon King in St. Peters, Missouri is having its PreRelease on November 6th!

    Saturday November 6th at 11:00 for registration/lunch Event begins at 12:00.

    1416 Triad Center Drive - St. Peters, Missouri 63376

    Call 314-775-4466 for more info (leave your callback number) or PM me!

    Cost is $18.00 per player which includes ... Pizza lunch for all (before the main event - no lunch break) , a NEW deck box to keep your new precious cards, 6 packs to draft and GUARANTEED 4 packs for prizes, along with 2 bonus POP OP packs! AND MORE FOR THE WINNERS OF EACH DIVISION!!!


    So, yes, for $18.00 you are guaranteed 12 packs (10 Rocket Returns) with the chance to win MORE!

    You have got to love it!

    After the main event (about 4:00), we will be having 3 (yes 3) things happen....

    1. Pokemon League (YAY) Free! Badge books, stamps and much more! Bonus PROMO day!

    2. Modified Tourney (YAY) Sanctioned - $5.00 to enter... a bit more, but the prizes are ROCKET RETURNS!

    3. Booster Draft (YAY) Sanctioned - $15.00 to enter - 6 packs of Rocket Returns with Rocket Returns Prizes!!!



    Come and see Psyduck - who will be running the event for me!

    OH YEAH - COOL T-SHIRTS - Black with Rocket Returns on them LIMITED SUPPLY available for $15.00 each!!! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THESE!!

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