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    I. Title and Opening Statements

    Report by: drrtybyl
    Deck: Infernape
    Event: Arlington, TX Battle Road 9/29/07
    Format: Modified (HP-on)

    This tournament was held at the G-Kon2 gaming expo at the Arlington, Texas convention center right next to the baseball stadium the Texas Rangers use and not to be confused with Ranger Stadium, which was imploded some years ago. Think tiny Origins. Spotter ran the event and was assisted by judges ~Blazi-King~, Donovan and Adrian. We were one player short of having 5 Masters rounds, which made resistance an issue for 1 or 2 players who went 3-1 (I think).

    II. Decklist


    III. Deck Strategy

    Bored with Empoleon and tired of the bad luck that often accompanies "creativity", I opted for consistent predictability. This isn't my brother's list (Who plays Master Ball anyway?!), but he made some good tweakgestions and cast some dark magic while the tournament was underway, which I'm pretty sure helped my luck. There were way too many close calls for it not to have. Who needs a soul anyway?

    IV. Reported Matches

    Round 1: Apecat vs. Meganium/Gyarados (Melissa B.)

    We both have slow starts. After about 15 minutes of evolving and bluffing, APE-X makes a move and zaps a few cards. This is done with great trepidation since her Gyaradoses will flail my burning monkeys to the discard pile in short order. Interesting deck. Time is called.

    Round 2: Apecat vs. Crobat/Dusknoir (George C.)

    George gets the jump on me. He flips a tails attacking with his damaged bat and shuffles it in! George's start is a bit faster, but energy-drawn DRE and Rare Candy change a lot [fast]. Regardless, this game went on for a while and was a fairly tight match.

    Round 3: Apecat vs. Blisscatty (Alec N.)

    This happens to be a mixed age group match. Alec's hand is drawing attention from adjacent players who start to say things like "Wow.. That's the best opening hand with Blissey.. Ever..". Luckily I win the flip and go second. However this isn't much help [since he wasn't bluffing] and my 2 Skittys are no match for his T2 Blissey/Boost/Strength Charm/etc. I manage to survive a few more desperate turns by evolving the remaining Skitty to Delcatty EX. No draw, no basics, and no bench. The demons must be on a late lunch break.

    Round 4: Apecat vs. Magmorcat (Prof. Birch)

    Yes, this is the Birch. Somehow he managed to sidestep judging duties for once to actually play in a tournament. We both set up relatively fast by E-drawing, but Birch's energy is nowhere near the top of his deck, which makes attacking troublesome. This is a very close game with multiple blunders on both sides. Birch points out early on that Mag's first attack text (your opponent's attack does nothing next turn on a tails flip) only applies to the active defending Pokemon at the time of the attack. For some reason I wager (and lose!) when Birch has only 1 card in his hand! This is the kind of stuff that politicians are usually referring to when it is announced that "mistakes were made". APE-X flares up to KO a fresh Mag-X, but with the help of TSD Mag-X is right back in the game. Time is called (it's a one turn game). He'd almost certainly have won if we'd played to prizes.

    Round 5: Apecat vs. Mario (Christine N. (Alec's Mom))

    Game 1:
    My Chikorita is lonely for 4-5 turns until it is knocked into the great beyond. Machop and Riolu can't seem to wake up beforehand, but it doesn't matter. The dark spells are waning.
    Game 2:
    She speeds ahead and takes a couple prizes. Somehow I manage to come back and bench her.
    Game 3:
    This match comes down to a coin flip. On turn 1. Two mulligans (for me) + Skitty start + Riolu Wild Kick = game over. But the flip is a tails and I somehow manage to set up very quickly and take the game. Somebody downstairs is on my side!

    Round 6: Apecat vs. Magnezone/Aggron/Delcatty (Maggron)

    Game 1:
    Weakness+DRE seals it in a few turns, despite a quick Magnezone.
    Game 2:
    DeMarcus makes this into a relatively close game, but the smoldering kitten has type advantage and pulls it out.

    V. Props/Slops, etc.
    Spotter & Co. for managing a fun event
    JKwarrior for becoming a professional Munchkin player after dropping R1
    Birch for getting to play
    Happiness Pokemon for winning again
    Mrs. N. for X-0ing the swiss

    Mistakes were made
    5 paragraph persuasive essays
    Cyrus's erratic dark magic
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  2. Cyrus

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    Five paragraph persuasive essays aren't bad!

    Good work, Drrty. The Super Mario Brothers have now won a Battle Road each!
  3. KazamBolt

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    Wow. I wonder where this was copy/pasted from? j/k

    Good job.
  4. h0bbesteroo

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    Congrats Billy
    Thanks for calling my deck interesting.
  5. hitmonchan93

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    Drrty is the hype. Godd job homie.
  6. Professor Sycamore

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    Great job man. I guess you got your revenge from mesquite. Anyways it's always fun battling you. I'll get ya next time and get that elusive Victory Medal
  7. Cyrus

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    Re Demarcus: this is Johnny from the Mesquite tourney. We've only met once (in the finals!), but it's always nice to see your level of play against a matchup universally recognized as "tough" (Infernape). You've come a long way in just a few months of play!

    So many may ask: what is the Super Kettlero Brothers' next stop?

    Hint: Zora Neale Hurston :D
  8. Professor Sycamore

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    thanks, man. i'll try to keep it up. Good Luck at college.

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