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    Duke's US Nationals 2013!

    Where to begin, well I was able to go up to Nationals on Tuesday with my new PTO, and we got into our room. Wednesday was just a day of board gaming cause no players with the exception of the family of the PTOs. Thursday was the registration day for Nationals, and I was unable to pre-regester online, but that does come back to bite me later due to the fact all people who preregistered got entered into a raffle, oh well.


    3 Kyurem
    4 deoxys ex
    2 thunderus ex
    1 keldeo ex

    4 Hypnotoxic Laser
    4 Juniper
    4 catcher
    3 colress machine
    3 colress
    3 N
    3 bicycle
    3 team plasma ball
    2 switch
    2 ultra ball
    2 virbank city gym
    2 float stone
    1 skyla
    1 max potion
    1 scramble switch

    4 plasma energy
    4 prism
    4 blend WLFM

    Friday (Day 1 swiss)

    [JOKER]And here we go[/JOKER]

    Unfortunately I forgot all the names of the players I played against, i apologize to my opponents for this, let me know If I played you so i can credit you if you wish.

    Round 1 vs unknown deck
    This round was a fast one for me, I had a supporter drought, my only extra draw was 1 card off a bicycle. I was benched by turn 7. 0-1

    Round 2 vs eels
    This round was a bit harsh for my opponent, she was paired down, and not only that, this would be her second round playing her eels. Needless to say, I was able to set up and deny energy acceleration enough to draw my 6 prizes. (1-1)

    Round 3 vs Darkrai
    This round was just a fun round for me. My opponent was unable to keep energy in play to be able to effectively retreat and keep being able to attack. (2-1)

    Round 4 vs goth
    My opponent starts off with a horrid draw where he starts with a mew and a gothielle, and I start with Deoxys, and was able to turn 1 ko. My opponent was unable to evolve or keep 2 gothielle in play to trainer lock me. (3-1)

    Round 5 vs tdk (Chris B.)
    This was a good round for both of us and was a really close game. We exchange prizes and get down to 1-1 in prizes and time is called. I get turn 1, and I catcher up a damaged absol, and I have a keldeo in play and a "water" energy and a plasma energy attached to a Thunderus. My scramble switch is in my deck, and I have the last "water" energy to sacred sword the Absol. I bicycle for 3 and whiff. I play 2 cards in my hand and bicycle again. whiff. I was able to play 1 card and bicycle again for 2. Nail a colress which lets me draw my deck and scramble switch onto the Keldeo and Sword for the win. It was a great game for both of us. (4-1)

    Round 6 vs Blastoise
    My opponent had to turn 1 juniper or risk an early shutout. He had to juniper away 2 surperior energy retrievals among other things. He was able to get set up, and at end game he had all 4 retrievals in discard, and no dousing machine cause he used computer search. His last prize draw was 2 water energy and he was able to Black Ballista my last pokemon for his 6th prize. (4-2)

    Round 7 vs tdk
    Not much to say about this match except with 12 energy in deck, and not drawing a single one for all match until turn 7 kinda hurt, no colress machine either. (4-3)

    Day 1 ends here and the Professor cup begins (more after the main tournament report)

    Round 8 vs Blastoise
    My opponent was late to the match, but he was unable to get properly set up and I take 6 prizes before time is called. (5-3)

    Round 9 vs plasmatina
    My opponent was having a hard time getting a giratina powered up and failed a turn 1 sleep check which allowed me an extra turn to ramp damage. In the end, I knocked out 3 deoxys for the victory (6-3)

    I wait for the standings and see that I got 93rd place.

    Professor cup.

    Remember the professor cup is half deck, and no pokemon that do not have an evolution stage above them (Emboar, Mewtwo, Durant, etc...)

    DECK:Hoothoot mill

    2 Hoothoot (PF)
    2 Lillipup (BW)
    2 Sandile (BW)
    1 Krokorok (BW)

    2 Cheren
    2 Hugh
    2 Eviolite
    2 Switch
    2 Skyla
    2 Potion
    2 Recycle
    1 Super Rod
    1 Gold Potion
    1 Tropical Beach (Not a joke)

    6 Fighting

    Unfortunatelly I didnt keep much on the way of records.
    But I went 6-2 and squeaked in at 16th place. Played the t16 and lost 0-2.

    Final Nationals play record (14-7) with a side event added in.

    Twas a fun event.

    6-3 best record at nationals for me yet
    broke T100
    top cut in the professor cup
    Pulling a full art deoxys ex at the cup
    Ogio backpack
    Ryan H. for getting T4 at the last chance to secure his invite!
    making a cut at nationals!
    Charlene C. and Zach Z. for the idea for the Professor cup deck
    Steve F. for driving us up to Nats
    Kery and Ryan H. for letting me room with them at last minute
    Joshua M. for getting T128 in his first nationals as a master!

    schedule changes
    lack of sleep
    ankle hurting due to walking too much.
    finding out my job didn't let my transfer go through so no job when i get home...
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    good job in professor cup plushie chris.
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    I was your Round 7 opponent. Sorry about the nasty luck. You still made a game of it!

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