EX:TRR Prerelease at SAINT LOUIS! Oct. 30th

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  1. Hedgefoxidna

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    Hey guys, I compalied all the facts, hope to see EVERYONE there, let's make this as big as dragon was!

    There will be 2 after events at each of my St. Louis area events - a pass draft and a modified event.

    Pass drafts are $15.00 - 5 pack drafts with prizes in RR

    Modified are $5.00 events with prizes in RR.

    All events sanctioned -

    See you all there!


    [Metal Master]
    Prerelease Confirmination!

    Who: You!
    What: Team Rocket Returns Prerelease!
    When: October 30, Registration begins at 11:00 AM, event starts at 12:00 sharp, Try to be there at 11:30 at most if you can!
    Where: Gathering Ground at 2635 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO!
    Why: To see Vince, have fun, have the cards before anyone else, see people you haven't seen in a while, introduce yourself to me(I'll be wearing a blue vest with my badges on it, not to be confused with Peter who has a gray "exploring" vest on), and be enertained. (Perform your luck rituals before you come.)!
    How: Find a way!

    For only $18, you get 10 packs, 6 of which to build your 40-card deck (basic energy is provided), 2 POP Series 1 Packs(You can't buy these in any store), a deck box with your name on it, lunch (don't expect too much), and increased prize support! Be there!
    [Metal Master]

    Get a chance to play the best 11-14 player in Missouri (AKA ME!!!!) get a !@#$load of new cards, before any of your crazy friends, unless if you bring them with you, at which point you both receive and xtra pack!!! (Watch out, a new player on the loose, Zach P. , my schoolfriend is coming to play with us, so that lends us both an xtra pack, and I built a specificly evil noob deck for him, heehhe.) I WILL be wearing my FRLG shirt, along with my yellow/blue vest, with *ALL EIGHT* of my badges on, you can't miss me, in fact I might put a "Pro Player" sticker on the back of my vest, lol. XD

    See everyone there, October 30th.

    ALSO: Don't forget to pick up your free fake promo card, DarkJake's Ampharos!!!

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    Hey guys - only 3 days to go - I know AT LEAST 3 of us will be there in costume!!!

    Lunch will be provided, deck boxes will be provided, extra prize support will be provided,

    Good times will be provided

    Gathering Ground
    2635 Hampton Ave.l
    St. Louis, MO 63139

    $18.00 to enter!

    See you ALL There!

  3. Hedgefoxidna

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    Go There Now. Like Vince Said...

  4. nikePK

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    I'll be there. Cyas Saturday. Can't wait to finally get back to playing some irl pokemon!
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  6. Hedgefoxidna

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    Oh Mi Gawd Dudewerzzzz....

    One Mo Day!!!!

    Fo Shou!

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