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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by icker, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. icker

    icker New Member

    Hey everyone, I doubt any of you remember me but I used to come here regularly a couple years ago, lol. Well as you can guess, I'm not playing pokemon anymore and would like to sell all of my cards. I know these probably won't go for anywhere near what they would have a couple years ago since these sets have been rotated out, but I'm selling them all anyways. Also, even if you're not interested in buying them, I would be grateful if you could give me a ballpark range for about what these are worth. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL CARDS ARE IN MINT CONDITION UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. ALSO, NONE OF THESE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CARDS, THEY ARE ALL THE REAL DEAL.

    Here's what I have:

    Ruby and Sapphire:
    Electabuzz EX x2
    Chansey EX
    Lapras EX
    Hitmonchan EX
    Magmar EX x3
    Sneasel EX
    Scyther EX

    Aerodactyl EX
    Aggron EX
    Gardevoir EX
    Kabutops EX
    Typhlosion EX

    Ampharos EX
    Dragonite EX
    Golem EX
    Latios EX
    Rayquaza EX x5 (2 are MINT, 2 are NEAR MINT, and 1 is SLIGHTLY LESS THAN NEAR MINT)

    Magma Vs. Aqua:

    Cradily EX

    Fire Red/Leaf Green

    Clefable EX
    Gengar EX
    Gyarados EX
    Articuno EX

    Team Rocket Returns:
    Rocket's Suicune EX

    Delta Species:
    Vaporeon EX

    Unseen Forces
    Entei *

    Other Notable Cards/Promos:

    Japanese Pokemon Players Club Promos:
    Master Ball 18/PLAY
    _______'s Kyogre 19/PLAY
    _______'s Rayquaza 21/PLAY
    Kyogre EX 27/PLAY
    Groudon EX 28/PLAY
    Rayquaza EX 29/PLAY

    Professor Program 2004-2005 Stamped Cards:
    Fire Energy
    Prof. Oak's Research x2

    City Championships:
    Charmander HOLO

    State Championships:
    Charmeleon HOLO

    Gym Challenge:
    Rayquaza x3

    Prerelease Stamped Cards:
    Grumpig from Emerald x2
    Wartortle from Fire Red/Leaf Green

    Players Promo Series 1:
    Armaldo EX

    Tin Promos:
    Zapdos EX

    Other Deck Worthy Cards:
    Pidgeot QuickSearch from Fire Red/Leaf Green
    Battle Frontier from Emerald
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    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Hey Icker. Looks like you haven't been here in a while. I noticed you have an obscene amount of refs on ebay ATM, but you need 20 verified refs to sell here, but regardless, this particular section is for trading only. There's a selling topic up above the main trading forum, but of course you have to be verified to do so.
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