Fall PokeGym Staff PTCGO Tournament

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    Fall PokeGym Staff PTCGO Tournament

    No of Players:
    Type: Double Elimination


    Welcome to the PokeGym Staff PTCGO double elimination tournament!

    • Put your PTCGO name in your profile, or post it in this thread.
    • PM your opponent for the round suggesting times (or use http://doodle.com to match your times).
    • Report your result here. Winner and loser must confirm.
    • Have fun, but work at making a time that you agree on!
    • If you're too busy to compete, declare your loss like a true trainer!

    PTCGO Roster:

    1. Big Daddy Snorlax
    2. bulbasnore
    3. DukeFireBird
    4. EeveeLover
    5. losjackal
    6. Mystery Thing
    7. pokemonrocks777
    8. PokePop
    9. Regis_Neo
    10. secretsof2113
    11. vaporeon
    12. PKM4

  2. EeveeLover

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    What is the deadline for each round?

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