Fire Dogs (and a Dunsparce)- Eon

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dek, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Pokemon =17
    4 Houndour- AQ
    3 Houndoom- AQ
    4 Growlithe- SS
    3 Arcanine- SS
    3 Dunsparce

    Energy =16
    8 Fire energy
    4 Darkness Energy
    4 Multi Energy

    Trainers =27
    4 Professor Elm's Training Method
    3 Copycat
    3 Juggler
    3 Power Charge
    3 Moo-Moo Milk
    3 Switch
    3 Root Fossil
    3 Oran Berry
    2 Town Volunteers

    Strategy: Use Dunsparce to get Growlithes and Houndours into the bench, use PETM to get the evolutions, and use Root Fossil to stall for a bit when I power them up. Power Charge is to get the Multi and Darkness energies back into play.
  2. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    I would use 2-2 rainbow/multi-energy just you case you power up houndoom with multi-energy, but then later you want to attach a dark energy to do more damage.
  3. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Go with Dro~'s suggestion. Also, drop the PETM's for either 4 Professor Oak's Researches or 3 Professor Oak's Research and a Fire Energy. Other than those small things, this looks like an interesting deck.
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