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    "Anything that is part of the attack done to the Pokemon with Unown G attached. In this case, the damage part of the effect is excluded from Unown G's prevention.

    Examples of non-damage effects might include things like: placing damage counters (e.g. Bannette's Ghost Head), applying a Special Condition (e.g. poison), switching out, reducing defending Pokemon's attack damage on next turn (e.g. Meganium's Delta Reduction)."

    Does this also include turning off Poke-powers and Poke-bodies? So if I have an Unown G attached to a card with a Poke-power and the other player attacks me with an attack say Psychic Lock, can I still use the Poke-power?

    Updated with clarification
    For example, I have a Feraligatr as my active Pokemon and a Porygon2 on the bench with a Unown G attached as a tool. My opponent uses Gardevoir's Psychic Lock which says"During your opponent's next turn, your opponent can't use any Poke-Powers on his or her Pokemon." Can I use the Porygon2's Poke-power "Download" since I have a Unown G attached as a tool to it? Thanks
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    Please give an example using specific Pokemon and Powers.
    I'm not understanding the question.

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