Garchomp Lv X help?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Ruddy Kitty, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Ruddy Kitty

    Ruddy Kitty New Member

    Hello everyone! Yes, I am new here, lol.

    I have a Garchomp X Deck, but I just don't seem to be discarding cards fast enough. I'm not sure what else I can possibly do. Here is what I have as of right now.


    POKEMON: 20
    Level-Up: 1
    1 : Garchomp Lv.X, MD-97
    Stage 2: 7
    1 : Blastoise (d), CG-2
    3 : Garchomp, MT-9
    1 : Typhlosion (d), DF-12
    1 : Feraligatr (d), DF-2
    1 : Ampharos (d), DF-1
    Stage 1: 2
    2 : Gabite, MT-48
    Basic: 10
    4 : Gible, MT-85
    2 : Drifloon, MD-61
    2 : Chatot, MD-55
    2 : Lunatone, GE-76

    TRAINERS: 22
    Trainers: 13
    2 : Energy Search, DP-117
    3 : Premier Ball, GE-101
    3 : Rare Candy, GE-102
    3 : Dusk Ball, MT-110
    2 : Switch, DP-119
    Supporters: 9
    2 : Professor Rowan, DP-112
    4 : Felicity's Drawing, GE-98
    3 : Holon Adventurer, HP-85

    ENERGY: 18
    Basic Energy: 18
    3 : Water Energy, GC-132
    3 : Lightning Energy, PK-106
    3 : Fire Energy, DP-124
    3 : Psychic Energy, NGen-110
    3 : Fighting Energy, PK-108
    3 : Metal Energy, DP-130

    New Drifloon is to get supporters back... Lunatone to discard cards. I want to stay away from EX desperately due to the 2 prize card factor.

    Any tips? Ideas? I'd love to see anyone else's Chomp X deck for inspiration!!! Thanks muchly in advance :)
  2. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    For extra discarding, try Holon Mentor to get basics like Lunatone out. The Switch cards are also self-defeating as you may want to discard energy to retreat.

    Drifloon is flippy, and easy prize-bait. I'm not sure that Typhlosion d and Blastoise d are the best techs. Maybe try Ampharos SW and Gardevoir SW?

    Claydol is a must, helping you cycle through the deck for the Energies you need.

    -2 Drifloon
    -1 Blastoise d
    -1 Typhlosion d
    -2 Chatot
    -2 Switch
    -3 Dusk Ball
    -2 Rowan
    -1 Premier Ball

    +2 Baltoy GE
    +2 Claydol GE
    +1 Gardevoir SW
    +1 Ampharos SW
    +2 Holon Mentor
    +4 Bebe's/Celio's (more consistent than Dusk Ball)
    +2 Crystal Beach (hurts a lot of decks, but not yours)
  3. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    First I strongly advise not baseing the deck of the lv.x. If you do then play 3-1-2-2 chomp lv.x. Second you don't really need all of those techs you have. Try to stay below 3 techs. Also your techs arn't that useful. Blastoise I guess works but there arn't that many colorless pokemon you have to worry about. Amparos and typhlosion D are both horrible. Feraligatr isn't that good. As your techs I would use 1 ampharos sw, 1 gallade and 1 flygon ex but if you must not use an ex then use either empoleon. Then take out your drifloon and 1 chatot and add in 3 pachirsu GE and 1 phione.
  4. mewoxys666

    mewoxys666 New Member

    wow... IMO tech Blastoise delta, Gallade hence being played alot... and maybe an Ex from dragon frontier that had no weakness because they were tanks like Flygon and Dragonite and they'r really good.
  5. Sandslash7

    Sandslash7 <a href="

    I think that one of the things that makes you not able to discard fast enough is because while the opponent is inflicting damage on you, you are trying to Restore your main attacker. This will put you 2-3 Prizes behind, and pretty much out of the game. My advice: If you make the deck a Restore deck, use a non-Chomp line as the main attacker, and use Garchomp as a backup. Maybe use Ampharos as your main, then run Garch for necromancing. If you can't build your main attacker first, the deck is too slow for the metagame. Those are my basic thoughts.

    I'd say:

    3-1-2-2 Garchomp (if you are wanting to be restore-centered)
    3-2-3 Main attacker line. (Amphy/Kabutops/something else that works for the metagame)
    2-2 Claydol
    4 Pachi/Chatot/ starter if you so choose (not really needed, neither is Lunatone, you'll see why)
    1 Tech (2 MAX, you don't want dead cards, plus you'll be reviving your main attacker anyway)

    Tech choice can be any of the following:
    Flygon ex d (psychic and Sand Damage works with Dragon Pulse)
    Gardevoir SW (just an awesome card, but I've found it to not be as effective as I had hoped)
    Gallade SW (you only need 1 shot to KO anything, its probably worth it)
    Amphy SW (Jamming works wonders, plus Cluster Bolt does more spread)

    I don't recommend Blastoise because there aren't very many Colorless pokemon in the format that can be used to take out your Chomps... unless you intend on playing a Psychic weak Main attacker, which wouldn't be a good idea in the first place.

    2 Roseannes
    4 Celio
    3-4 Felicity
    3-4 TVR
    1 TGW/Copycat
    4 Rare Candy

    Pretty standard Chomp line, it will get the stuff discarded quickly enough.

    Windstorm is a must, as Cessation Crystal will be played. At MOST 1 Warp Point/Switch. Chomp has free retreat, so that is flexible. 2 Premier Ball for getting the Chomp back (because you can discard him)

    Energy should be mostly centered around the most played weaknesses in the metagame. Psychic and Lightning are a must, as Empoleon and GG/Plox are running rampant. Also, any type that is used by your main attacker should be included.

    Personally, I run Scramble, but that is a personal choice because I'm not running Crystal Beach, and all my attacks are 3 NRG requirements, and Scramble fills that wonderfully.

    My deck right now is a main Kabutops attacker line, supported by Garchomp. Claydol assist's, and 1 Tech: Ampharos.
    It works well, and the spreading capabilities are very nice. First, take 1-2 Prizes with Kabutops and discard Amphy. Restore KOed Kabutops and Amphy, while building another Tops. Then swarm with the Tops, this time getting much damage spread around from Dragon Pulse/Jamming/Chop Up/Cluster Bolt.

    Hope that puts you on the right track! GL!
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