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  1. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    My friend and i are continuing to work on decks for regionals we have come up with a semi-good idea if it plays out correctly but we could still use any help. We both plan on running it but he may choose some variant cards in case we play each other.

    1xDarkrai lv X
    1xdarkrai(sleep hole)
    1xGardevoir SW
    1xgallade SW
    2xgardevoir PK
    2xkirlia SW
    1xweavile SW
    1xmawile GE
    1xpachirisu GE

    3xrare candy
    1xgalactics wager
    1xfelicitys drawing
    1xamulet coin
    1xmoonlight stadium
    2xnight maintenance
    1xpremier ball
    1xsidneys stadium?
    1xgalactics mars

    3xspecial :dark:
    1x:colorless:colorless:colorless boost

    If anyone can see any obvious flaws here i would definitely like suggestions
  2. kd0220437

    kd0220437 New Member

    Too many different Pokemon. You need to either try just Gardy Gallade or Darkrai. There isn't any synergy in this deck with both of them together. Try one or the other!!
  3. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    hmm have a diff one without darkrai or weavile but it sucks mostly techs (1 turn butterfree, garchomp rainbow scale, early carnivine kill, etc., like i said its not that great.) i realize that there are a lot of basics techs, but pachi: lunasol on the bench= bye-bye resistance. Still need a lot of advice or help on making this work something just doesnt fit right lol.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    hmm minus sidneys for lake boundary helps dnt really need to worry bout special conditions there are like a whole 4 darks in here. idk what else it kinda works but is unstructured. mawile kinda stands out saying im not supposed to be here but it works on gg for at least 2 turns?
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  4. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

    I added my changes to it. Only thing i'm not sure about is either 3 or 2 gallade. Hope this helps,
  5. Charbat

    Charbat New Member

    wah, too much 1x cards... how do you get them all if they're in 1 copy? my advice is to keep the most important cards like the lunasol and pachi, and change the others for other copies of the main hitters.
    this is a basic list:
    4-2-3-2+1 gallade-gardevoir sw+1 lv.x
    2+2 darkrai (sleep hole)+2 darkrai lv.x
    3 pachi
    2 lunatone
    1 solrock
    4 celio's
    4 roseanne's
    3 pov
    2 steven's
    2 tgw
    4 rare candy
    2 warp point
    1 night maintenance
    1 tsd
    4 darkness B
    3 dre
    1 multy
    1 cyclone
    2 fight
    4 psychic

    IMO darkrai isn't a good choice with gallade, too much confusion with the energies
  6. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    hmm good suggestions. i would love to have 2 or 3 gallade just only have the one. XP it sucks but u gotta work with what youve got i guess. kiss is probably causing all of the confusion. 1-1-1 kiss is purely for Serene Grace? Hmm as for the darks i know it doesnt work well x_x but needed some anti-(anti-g&g) that why i left smeargle there to find the energies i need. What does claydol GE do by the way?

    The other thing i was thnking about is going anti-gg :eek: wow thats descriptive, ditching darkrai for banette/mis but ive never used it before and regionals is like 2 weeks away :nonono:

    jeez i need another gallade lol
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  7. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

  8. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    ah thanx not a bad card idk. Going to a league tommorrow see how the deck runs. hmm like every deck there is like gg or darkrai....... overused. Hmm there are a lot of people going for anti gg though i hear. idk what to switch 1-1-1 togekiss for though.
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