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    Heres what i have. I want countless new supporters, as well as porygon, porygon2, and porygon z.and a MD dialga.

    ambipom reverse holo
    leafeon # 7 reverse holo
    zapdos # 14 reverse holo
    bronzong not holo #16
    manaphy reverse holo #8
    palkia holo #11:
    moltres holo #10

    for lv xs i have
    dialga lv x #105
    porygon z LV x #100
    empoleon lv x #120 misprint pokebody
    2 honchcrow lv x
    3 torterra lv x #122
    1 infenape lv x

    i also have raikou star and jolteon star

    here are my Exs

    2 walrein EX from LM
    1 walrein ex from PK
    salamance EX
    Flygon EX pk
    Delcatty EX
    Swampert ex
    claydoll ex
    tyranitar EX
    2 shiftry ex from CG
    1 shiftry fromPK
    1 flygon ex from LM

    heres all my legal rares

    3 honchcrow holo and revers
    1 bedrill GE reverse holo
    2 empoleon MD reverse and normal
    1 weezing GE not holo
    1 vaporeon MD reverese
    2 glaceon ge reverse and normal #20
    1 toxicroak # 31 MD
    1 hypno GE and 2 normal ambipom
    1 normal jolteon
    1 normal milotic GE
    1 normal latias GE
    1 normal phione Md # 27
    1 normal kricitune
    2 holo glaceon MD 5 one of them is in bad condition
    2 tyranittar MT holo and reverse
    Gardevoir secret wonders # 7
    1 Ursaring MT
    1 Hippowdon MD #21
    1 empoleon DP # 4 reverse
    1 normal slowking GE
    1 holo Garchomp MT
    2 normal Aerodactles
    1 holo electivire DP #3
    1 holo luxray DP
    1 holo Manaphy Dp
    1 HOLO ryperior DP
    Rosearade HOLO DP
    2 Shiftry DP holo and reverse
    Straptor holo DP
    1 Azumarill DP Holo
    ! normmal bibarel Dp
    i normal clefable DP
    1 normal driffloon DP
    1 reverse holo floatsel DP
    normal gengarDP
    normal herecross DP
    1 normal hipppowdon DP
    1 Reverse loppuny DP
    1 meddicham DP
    1 normal munchlax DP
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    wrong forum dude.
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