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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by cathoney, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. cathoney

    cathoney New Member

    This is my current set up I call it my real world deck. I need advice on how I can make it stronger without using cards like Tropical Beach. My current set up is
    3 Gothitelle
    3 Gothorita
    4 Gothita
    2 liepard
    3 purloin
    2 umbreon
    3 eeves
    2 tornadus

    22 pokemon according to pokemon TCG

    2 pokemon communication
    2 energy retrieval
    4 dual balls
    2 professor oaks
    2 professor elms
    2 copy cats
    4 chern

    18 trainer cards according to Pokemon TCG

    2 rainbow energy
    4 DCE
    4 Special dark energy
    10 psychic energy

    20 energy total according to Pokemon TCG

    I use liepard line for taunt, tornadus as my hitter till I can get gothitelle set up also allows me to move energy after his big attack. Want to make my deck stronger and I know of one line I need but need other suggestions on how to get a kicking deck.
  2. lilszamora

    lilszamora New Member

    Fist off what kind of cards do you have at your disposal. Because I suggest a minimum of 3 candy and 3 collectors. But until I know what you have available. If you want you can on me or just comment back here and I will get back to you asap
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  3. cathoney

    cathoney New Member

    I can get collectors and candy just don't have all of them right now. I don't have any catchers have been trying to trade but hasn't happened yet. Let me know what other suggestions you would make would you get jirachi or shaymin?
  4. lilszamora

    lilszamora New Member

    I personally don't like shaymin and Jirachi but it is your deck you must remember to use what fits your play style the best as well. Also are you using ability goth currently? If so at a minimum add in a 1-1-1 line of reuniclus I personally prefer 3-1-2. Umbreon is no longer good in format because it does not affect ability Pokemon. Tornadus is decent but since you have no acceleration it would take you 3 turns to attack with him 2 if you add DCE in him. Also liepard is ok till you get catcher but bellsprout is much better basic and does the exact same thing as taunt. Also save room for 2 more Pokemon communication. Here is a skeleton of a deck list which I use and will leave room for techs and such for personal preference

    Pokemon: 16

    4-2-4 goth ability
    3-1-2 reuniclus ability

    T/S/S: 17

    3 Pokemon collector
    4 Pokemon communication
    2 twins
    2 Catcher
    2 Junk Arm
    4 Rare Candy

    Energy: 12
    10 psychic
    2 DCE

    Total: 45

    Leaves room for 15 to play around with. As for Pokemon I use all 3 dragons to absorb damage and outrage if I get type advantage or am late setting up goth.

    Also N is a bug suggestion it helps stall your opponent sometimes but also helps you refresh your hands just have to know the right time to play it. Cheren is my favorite draw supporter but if you decide to go with Jirachi sages would be something I'd look into because you would be able to discard energy without worrying to much.

    Umm I think that's all I can think of for now but I'm about to sleep do to sickness as well hope it helps
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