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    Hey all! I'm coming back around to the game and I'm looking to jump in full swing and getting some decks together.


    Basic Gym rules apply!
    I live in North Carolina and will not ship outside the U.S.
    Obviously no fake or World Championship cards. (Shouldn't have to say, but I will.)
    All cards are M/NM and I expect you to at least state otherwise if not.
    Would love to see your list
    I will respond to everything. If I don't I probably didn't see it, so remind me.
    Be courteous please!
    Neg refs or lower refs send first


    PTCO Codes:

    XY9 Elite Trainer Shiny Mega Gyarados
    XY10 Elite Trainer Box Mega Alakazam
    Battle Heart Tin: Volcanion
    Powers Beyond Tin: Hoopa
    XY Primal Clash x2
    XY Ancient Origins x3
    XY BREAKpoint x9
    XY Fates Collide x9
    XY BREAKthrough x45
    XY Steam Siege x41

    Steam Siege:

    Yveltal break 66/114
    Steelix ex 67/114
    M Steelix ex 68/114
    Mgearna ex 75/114
    Xerneas 81/114
    Hydreigon break 87/114
    Professor Sycamore FA 114/114
    Volcanion ex tin

    Fates Collide:

    Mew 29/124
    Bronzong break 62/124
    Diancie ex 72/124
    Team Rocket's Handiwork FA 124/124


    Ho-oh ex 92/122
    Ho-oh ex FA 121/122


    Houndoom ex 21/162
    M Houndoom ex 22/162
    Glalie ex 34/162
    M Glalie ex 35/162
    M Mewtwo ex Y 64/162
    Marowak break 79/162
    Florges break 104/162 x3
    Xerneas 107/162 x2
    Parallel City x3 145/162
    Rainbow energy x3 [1 RH] 152/162
    Brigette FA 161/162


    Jirachi ex PLB
    Mewtwo ex FA ND
    Seismitoad ex FuF x2
    M Gengar ex PhF 35/119 x2
    Manectric ex FA PhF
    Eelektrik [dynamotor] RH x3


    H Water league x1
    H Psychic league x1
    H Metal league x1
    H Fighting league x8
    H Grass league x1
    H Fire league x1
    H Fire CoL x1
    H Fire HPh x2
    H Fire PK x3
    H fire x1
    DCE PhF x3 [1 RH]
    DCE RH ND x3
    DCE FC RH x1
    Prism ND RH x2
    Rainbow x2 HGSS/x1 PLT
    Rescue UD x5
    Metal [various] x23 [1 RH Delta Species]
    Darkness [various] x13 [1 RH Majestic Dawn]


    Fates Collide Alakazam sleeves [unopened] x2
    BREAKpoint Gyarados sleeves [unopened] x1
    Fates Collide dice set x2
    BREAKpoint dice set x1
    Hoopa tin [only tin] x1
    Volcanion tin [only tin] x1


    Shaymin ex [obviously] xX
    Volcanion ex x3 [any version]
    Xerneas BREAKthrough x2
    Garbodor x2 [legal version]

    Hex Maniac xX
    Fighting Fury belt x3
    Professor Sycamore xX

    Will find other things to trade for, I'm sure. Right now, these are main wants and other staples. Trade away!!
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