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  1. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    Make Offers. Ask for cards that are not posted. I'll PM you if you make an offer.



    1x R. Entei EX
    1x Typhlosion EX (sandstorm)
    2x Kabutops EX (sandstorm)

    Alternate Holos:

    Aggron lm
    Lairon lm
    Aron lm
    Lairon hp
    Deoxys hp (COLORLESS)
    Deoxys hp (METAL)
    Hariyama ds
    Flaaffy uf
    Energy Recycle System
    Kabuto hp
    Togepi trr
    Hitmontop uf
    Vileplume hp
    Regice hp
    Exeggutor hp
    Barboach hp
    Phanpy hp
    Girafarig lm
    Electrode lm
    Grimer lm
    Gastly lm
    Wailord lm
    Wailmer lm
    Graveler lm
    Chinchou lm
    Magnemite lm
    Clampearl lm
    Sentret lm
    Furret lm
    Root Fossil lm
    Porygon 2 uf
    Camerupt hp
    Pikachu hp
    Seadra hp
    Weezing ds
    Azumarril ds
    Mightyena ds
    Taillow ds
    Piloswine trr
    Ponyta ds
    Magnemite ds
    Makuhita ds
    Seedot lm
    Roselia lm
    Dratini ds
    Magby lm
    Meteor Falls dxs
    Vibrava lm
    Koffing trr
    Ditto ds (charmander)
    Cubone trr
    Illumise ds
    Dark Marowak trr
    Spheal lm
    Gloom hp
    Machop lm
    Chinchou em
    Sitrus Berry uf
    Remoraid uf
    Dark Magcargo trr
    Mawile hp

    Holo Rares:

    Feraligatr uf
    Heracross em
    Latios hp
    Dark Steelix trr
    Forretress uf
    Vaporeon ds
    Flareon ds
    Victreebel lm
    Crobat ds
    Togetic trr
    Umbreon ds
    Delcatty lm
    Vileplume hp
    Mewtwo ds
    Deoxys hp (ELECTRIC)
    Deoxys hp (DARK)
    Rayquaza ds
    Slowbro uf
    Golem lm
    Lapras lm
    Unown S uf
    Unown E uf
    Unown I uf
    Shiftry lm
    Metagross ds
    Octillery uf

    Non-holo Rares:

    Blaziken hp
    Starmie ds
    Elekid uf
    Cleffa uf
    Lugia uf
    Latios hp
    Latias hp
    Delibird trr
    Relicanth hp
    Swellow ds
    Girafarig lm
    Smoochum uf
    Hypno ds
    Solrock lm
    Regice hp
    Mewtwo hp

    These cards aren't even close to the amount of cards I have. I just didn't feel like counting all of the ones that I have. So just ask me what else I have.


    2x Arcanine EX
    1x Umbreon EX
    1x Armaldo hp
    2x Kabutops lm
    fire, grass, water, fighting holo energies

    Wants: (preferrably holo)

    Dark T-tar (sand damage)
    Dark T-tar (spinning tail)
    Dark Ampharos (darkest impulse)
    Holon Transceiver
    Holon Farmer
    Holon Scientist
    Mr. Briney's Compassion
    Elm's Training Method
    Wally's Training
    Oak's Research
    Steven's Advice
    Pokemon Retriever
    TV Reporter
    Strange Cave
    Aerodactyl hp
  2. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    question what good tainers do u have
  3. AtrusOfKrondor

    AtrusOfKrondor New Member

    I'm interested in your Unown I, and Metagross d (DS). I have Armaldo d, and Kubutops x2 (LM). Link to my thread is in Sig.
  4. ddrking

    ddrking New Member

    yuyuman - just ask me which trainers you are looking for

    atrus - if you think that is a good trade, PM me for details
  5. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    well give me a list check my sig for my trade thread and i did find that metagross that i liked
  6. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    Hello, interested in these:

    1x Exeggutor HP AH
    1x Porygon 2 UF AH
    1x Pikachu HP (the metal one?) AH
    1x Roselia LM AH
    1x Unown E UF
    1x Unown I UF

    I have these from your wants:
    1x Armaldo HP
    1x Kabutops HP
    2x Dark Tyranitar (Spinning Tail) NH
    2x Dark Tyranitar (Sand Damage) NH
    2x Dark Ampharos H
    1x Professor Oak's Research NH
    2x Pokemon Retriever RH
    xX Pokemon Retriever NH
    4x Strange Cave NH

    Let me know if we can work something out, thanks!

  7. Heiogen

    Heiogen New Member

    Deoxys hp (ELECTRIC)
    i trade
    nice avter absoultion
  8. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    Well it wasn't really an offer, so let me try to make one I think would be fair:

    1x Armaldo HP H
    2x Dark Ampharos H
    1x Dark Tyranitar (Sand Damage) AH
    2x Dark Tyranitar (Spinning Tail) NH
    2x Dark Tyranitar (Sand Damage) NH
    2x Pokemon Retriever AH
    2x Pokemon Retriever NH
    4x Strange Cave NH
    1x Professor Oak's Research NH

    (3 Holos, 1 AH Rare, 4 NH Rares, 2 AH Uncommons, 7 Uncommons)

    1x Delcatty LM H
    1x Metagross DS H
    1x Feraligatr UF H
    1x Porygon 2 UF AH
    1x Roselia LM AH
    1x Exeggutor HP AH
    1x Unown E UF
    1x Unown I UF
    1x Pikachu HP (metal one?) AH
    1x Clampearl LM AH
    1x Seadra HP AH

    (3 Holos, 1 AH Rare, 3 AH Uncommons, 2 AH Commons, 2 Unowns)

    Let me know if that looks good to you; if not we can rework it, thanks!

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