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Discussion in 'Pokemon Fan Fiction' started by paragon of virtue, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. paragon of virtue

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    Does anyone remember fan fiction from around 1999/2000 entitled "Hitmonchan's Diary"?I believe the authors name was Steven Huxman. There was also this piece by a guy named "The Impossible Man" (if memory serves). Anyway, I was waxing nostalgic and was hoping someone might recall these works and even possibly posses the text or a link?
    Thank you,
    Paragon of Virtue (as it were)
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  3. Marril

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    You're welcome.

    It's all I could mine out of that site the last time I was there. Note that the original 'Gym was a lot looser with its restrictions regarding fanfics, so Hitmonchan's Diary is (like Pokémon SS, honestly) pretty much at the upper boundary of what's allowed here.

    [shameless plug]It's also worth noting that several Hitmonchan's Diary characters appear in Pokémon SS, most notably Mewtwo's cameo.[/shameless plug]
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    The subtlety! It burns!


    Didn't somebody on here (this incarnation of the gym, not a past one) write something involving the thoughts of a Hitmonchan and a Scyther a while back? That's what I was originally thinking when I read the thread title.
  5. Marril

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    Oh, I should probably add that the main thing I couldn't mine from the original 'Gym archive was the Onix's Garden stuff. I think I have all of Hitmonchan's Diary in there, except for a single R-rated special that's got an alternate chapter in the archive (I think it was a more detailed version of Xynj fighting Stephen in his mind) which only ever existed on the forums. The cleaner version I think focuses on the events surrounding this fight rather than what goes on in Stephen's mind.

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